Top Cairo Day Tours

Cairo day tours are the best trips to discover Egypt and get acquainted with all the versatility of Egyptian history, culture and traditions. Experience the best Cairo day tours and trips to the pyramids of Giza, visit the Great Sphinx and Royal tombs. The best day trips in Cairo includes visiting of Giza pyramids, Saqqara tombs and king Djoser Step pyramid. Day tour to Memphis city and Dahshur pyramids. Day tour to Citadel and Alabaster mosque, also known as Mohammed Ali Mosque, will introduce you to Medieval and Islamic Cairo architecture, culture and traditions. Cairo day tour to Ibn Tulun mosque and Gay Anderson museum will show you the best examples of urban Cairo.

Travelers often ask what are the best Day Trips in Cairo?
The best Day Trips in Cairo according to our experience are:
Day trip to Giza Pyramids
Cairo day tour to 10 pyramids
Giza Pyramids & Sphinx day tour from the airport
Cairo day tour from Sharm el Sheikh by flight
Day tour to the pyramids from Hurghada by bus
Cairo Egyptian Museum day tour
Cairo tour to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization
Islamic Cairo full day tour

Group of sharm-club tourists at the Pyramid of Cheops

Cairo Pyramids sightseeing excursion

Day trips to Giza Pyramids are among the top Cairo day tours you can experience while holidaying in Egypt. No matter you have a long Egypt vacation or on a short break at Cairo - Day trip to Giza Pyramids will be the highlight of your holiday.

What you see during your Day trip to Giza Pyramids? Of course the most famous pyramids in the world, the only survived wonder of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the world - The Great Pyramid of Cheops. Two smaller pyramids known as Pyramid of Kaphre and Pyramid of Menkaure, pyramids of queens and even workers tombs. Walking down the plateau you will stumble upon the Great Sphinx, laying at the bottom of the second pyramid.

Step pyramid of Djoser in 2021

Tour to top 10 Pyramids in Egypt

Cairo day tour to the 10 pyramids will introduce you even to more pyramids! Start your day with exploring Saqqara and the first ever built pyramid in Egypt - Step pyramid of king Djoser, proceed to the pyramid of Unas to discover the unique Pyramids Texts, enter inside Teti pyramid and walk around Royal tombs. Dahshur and its well known Red Pyramid and Bent pyramid are ideal structures to get aсquainted with the inner chambers and tombs of Egyptian pyramids. Fully accessed from inside these two pyramids are among the best to enter for photographing.

Day trip to the Great Sphinx in Cairo

Cairo Layover Tour to the Pyramids from Airport

Giza Pyramids & Sphinx day tour from the airport is a good option for stopover traveller, who do not have much time in Cairo but still eager to see the most mysterious structures in the world. This half day tour will lead you through Egyptian history. You will visit the top 3 sights in Cairo, including Sphinx and Royal tombs.

Cairo day tour to the Pyramids from Sharm el Sheikh

Tour to Cairo from Sharm El Sheikh by plane

Cairo day tour from Sharm el Sheikh by flight is the most popular excursion from the Red Sea resorts to the pyramids. One day tour covers top Cairo sights that the country is famous for. Group tour to Cairo from Sharm el Sheikh by flight or a private one, the trip will introduce you to the three pyramids of Giza, Sphinx and some opened tombs in the area. Finish the day with a walking tour around the Egyptian museum and experience Nile felucca ride in Cairo.

Hurghada to Cairo Pyramids day tour

Hurghada to Cairo day trips by bus

Day tour to the pyramids from Hurghada by bus is usually runs as a group tour on a comfortable air-conditioned bus. Main Cairo attractions like the pyramids and Sphinx, Museum and bazaars are included in this full day trip. The journey takes long time but the experience stays with you for life.

Cairo Egyptian Museum day tour

Tour to the Egyptian Museum Cairo

No Cairo day tour will be completed if you do not visit Egyptian Museum of Antiquities. The museum still owns one of the richest collection of the ancient Egyptian art. Although the Royal mummies had been recently moved to the new Gem museum, still lots of things to discover.

Cairo tour to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

Tour to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC)

This museum became world famous due to a big presentation by the Egyptian government. Live Night Pharaohs parade in Cairo watched in many countries. The museum of Egyptian Civilization worth a visit if you want to see the Royal mummies, which were exhibited before in the Egyptian museum.

Islamic Cairo full day tour

Day trip to Islamic Cairo

Tour in Islamic Cairo is a completely different experience Egypt can offer you. Take a walking tour from ancient Cairo gates known as Bab Zuweila to Bab el-Futuh to discover on the way beautiful mosques of Cairo, its houses and sabils.

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Published: 05 Nov 2021 Last update: 29 Apr 2022