Sharm El Sheikh Excursions - Egypt Tours and Day trips

Day tours, excursions, trips in Egypt from Cairo, Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada, Luxor. Excursions to Pyramids, Cairo tour packages, daily trips to Egypt tourist attractions.

Tours from Sharm El Sheikh

These tours are best in Sharm El Sheikh: Day trip to Luxor, excursion to Cairo by plane, Stargazing Trip, Private tour to Pyramids, Tiran Island Snorkeling Trip, Ras Mohammed National Park snorkeling tour
Swimming with Dolphins, Mount Sinai night trip, Saint Catherine visit, Glass boat trip

Parasailing activity in Sharm el Sheikh

Water Sports and Safari Adventure Extravaganza

Duration: 7 Days
Pick up: 08:00 AM

price £ 40

Star gazing excursions in Sharm el Sheikh

Stargazing Trip in Sharm El Sheikh | Bedouin Night

Duration: 5 Days
Pick up: 17:00 PM

price £ 32

Tour to White island in Sharm el Sheikh

White Island Ras Mohammed snorkeling tour

Duration: 9 Days
Pick up: 08:00 AM

price £ 30

The Pyramids of Giza during tour to Cairo from Sharm El Sheikh

Tour to Cairo from Sharm El Sheikh by Plane

Duration: 16 Days
Pick up: 05:00 AM

price £ 190

Karnak Temple during day trip to Luxor from Sharm El Sheikh

Luxor Tour Day trip from Sharm El Sheikh

Duration: 15 Days
Pick up: 05:00 AM

price £ 205

Sharm el Sheikh all inclusive holiday

5 days Sharm el Sheikh all inclusive tour package

Duration: 5 Day
Pick up: 08:00 AM

price £ 435

Tours from Hurghada

These experiences are the best tours from Hurghada: Boat Trips to Hurghada islands, tours to Luxor by bus, Pyramids day trip, Sunrise Quad biking, astronomical night tours in the desert, Nile cruises from Hurghada.

Nile cruise holidays in Egypt

Pyramids and Nile Cruise Holidays from Hurghada

Duration: 5 Day
Pick up: 03:00 AM

price £ 869

Horse riding tour at the Pyramids

Cairo Tour from Hurghada by Plane: Pyramids Sphinx excursion

Duration: 16 Days
Pick up: 04:00 AM

price £ 190

New standing Colossi of Memnon

Tour to Luxor from Hurghada by bus

Duration: 18 Days
Pick up: 04:00 AM

price £ 63

Hot-air balloon ride over Luxor

Luxor Hot Air Balloon Ride Excursions from Hurghada

Duration: 2 Day
Pick up: 05:00 AM

price £ 277

Orange bay snorkeling trip from Hurghada

Orange Bay Trip Hurghada | BEST PRICE

Duration: 8 Days
Pick up: 08:00 AM

price £ 21

Ramses II temple in Abu Simbel

Tour to Abu Simbel Luxor and Aswan from Hurghada

Duration: 3 Day
Pick up: 04:00 AM

price £ 553

Tours from Cairo

Top-rated tours and activities in Cairo for 2020: Cairo Layover Tour from the airport, Saqqara Memphis tour
Step Pyramid excursion, Cairo street food tour, Cairo sightseeing tour, Tour to top 10 Pyramids, Cairo Tour from Cairo Airport

Saqqara Step pyramid of Djoser

Tour to Top 10 Pyramids in Egypt | Pyramids Excursions

Duration: 10 Days
Pick up: 07:00 AM

price £ 87

Egypt for Kids: Family Friendly Trip to Pyramids and Sphinx

Egypt for Kids: Family Friendly Trip to the Pyramids

Duration: 9 Days
Pick up: 08:00 AM

price £ 95

Cairo Pyramids outdoor activity Camel ride

Things to do at the Pyramids of Giza

Duration: 4 Days
Pick up: 08:00 AM

price £ 30

White desert rock formations

3 day White desert camping Egypt tour from Cairo

Duration: 3 Day
Pick up: 06:30 AM

price £ 174

The Great Sphinx of Giza tour

Cairo 3 Days short break Tour Package

Duration: 3 Day
Pick up: 08:00 AM

price £ 190

New entrance into Karnak temple from the Sphinxes Avenue

Nile cruise holiday package from Cairo

Duration: 8 Day
Pick up: 06:00 AM

price £ 909

Good to know

  1. Always take a bottle of water with you while on a tour in Egypt.
  2. Passport with Egyptian visa is essential to travel through the country.
  3. All hotels offer their guests free breakfast boxes if you miss your breakfast while on an early excursion.
  4. All hotels in Egypt have check in at 3:00 pm and check out at 12:00 pm.
  5. Nile cruise ships have check in at 12:00 pm and check out at 8:00 am.
  6. Egyptian pound is the main country currency. Other currencies like US dollars, Euros and British sterling pounds are accepted in touristic cities like Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh, as well as in touristic shops in Cairo.
  7. Friday is official day of in Egypt. Everything closes during Friday pray, especially Islamic sites.
  8. The Pyramids site works every day without holidays and public days off from 07:00 am to 17:00 pm.
  9. You do not require Egyptian visa if you holiday in Sharm el Sheikh.
  10. There are no baggage rooms in Egypt airports. You can keep your luggage in you hotel’s baggage room until departure.


Where are the pyramids in Egypt?

In Egypt there are more than 100 pyramids, the main are situated in Giza: the Pyramid of Cheops, Pyramid of Khafre and the pyramid of Menkaure. In Saqqara you will find the Step pyramid of king Djoser, in Dahshur Red Pyramid and Bent Pyramid.

What do you wear to the pyramids in Egypt?

The most suitable and comfortable dress for the pyramids will be light trousers in summer with long sleeves blouse plus hat/cap and comfy sportive shoes like sneakers or similar. In winter a jacket may require.

Which is the best month to visit Egypt?

The best month to visit Egypt is November and all autumn season. More about Weather in Egypt learn from our article.

Is it safe to holiday in Egypt?

Yes, Egypt is one of the safest countries in the world.

What is the best currency to take to Egypt?

The best currency to take to Egypt is US dollars, but euros and GBP are accepted as well.

What currency is used in Egypt?

Egyptian pound (LE) is the official currency of Egypt.