Egypt Tourist Attractions Sightseeing and best things to do and see

Egypt remains for tourists one of the most diverse countries in the world of its history, culture, traditions beside being rich of monuments and many attractions and things to do when they visit, here is what you can do and see

Egypt Tourist Attractions Sightseeing and best things to do and see

Egypt has a long standing history, its Ancient Egyptian culture and Civilization is well known all over the world. Pharaohs left us a lot of evidences of their culture and art that Egyptians are proud of. But not only Pharaonic civilization influenced Egypt, other cultures like Greco-Roman, Arab and Islamic left its traces in the history of Egypt. What can you see in Egypt you may ask. What you should not miss in Egypt, Egypt best Attractions and Top things to do and see in Egypt in our ultimate Travel Guide to Egypt, its culture, history and civilization.

Ancient Egyptian landmarks

Egypt is world famous for its Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx as it is the only survived wonder of the 7 Ancient wonders of the World. But what are other Ancient Egyptian landmarks we find in Egypt? Cairo is known for its pyramids while Luxor is a city of Egypt temples and tombs.

Before going to Egypt it is useful to know 12 facts about Egyptian pyramids, how the pyramids were built step by step and how old the pyramids are. Our comprehensive guides to Egyptian pyramids will help you know more about where are the pyramids in Egypt, how many pyramids in Egypt and what's inside the pyramids. We will tell you not only about pyramid of Giza, Giza pyramid complex and pyramid of Khafre, but also about Saqqara Step Pyramid of Djoser, Red and Bent Pyramids in Dahshur and even Lahun pyramid in Fayoum oasis.

20 Unmissable Attractions in Egypt

Best things to do in Egypt

The top Tourist Attractions & the best things to do in Egypt includes Pyramids of Giza, Grand Museum, Egyptian museum, Step Pyramids, Khan El Khalili Bazaar, Karnak temple, Ras Mohammed National park, Abu Simbel temple

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Cairo Tourist attractions
  1. The Great pyramids of Giza and Sphinx, the only remaining of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
  2. Egyptian museum of Antiquities at Tahrir square, The richests museum all over the world of the pharaohs treasures
  3. Cairo Citadel of Saladin.
  4. The Step Pyramid of Djoser, its tombs and the pyramids.
  5. Islamic Cairo, also called Historic Cairo or Medieval Cairo in Arabic Kahert Elmouaz.
  6. Old Cairo sights include Jewish synagogue of Ben Azra, Coptic Hanging church, Roman fortress Babylon.
  7. Grand Egyptian museum is located right in front of the Pyramids in Giza is still under construction.
  8. Manial palace museum – this is a good and ideally preserved example of Islamic architecture and life in 17-19th century.
  9. Bab Zuweila – one of the best preserved gates of the old Cairo city gives full access to all its structures, corridors, towers and minarets.
  10. Nilometer on Rhoda island is a beautiful and very unique structure that was used to measure floods.
Luxor Tourist attractions
  1. Karnak temple, the second largest temples in the world and one of the most visited places in Egypt.
  2. Luxor temple whcih was built on the east bank of the Nile by Amenhotep 3.
  3. Valley of the kings.
  4. Valley of the Queens.
  5. Queen Hatshepsut temple - it is believed to belong to a woman Pharaoh Queen.
  6. Tomb of Nefertary – the most beautiful tomb in the Queens valley.
  7. King Tut tomb – the only tomb in the Valley of the Kings found intact.
  8. Medinat Habu A unique structure of the complex is a well preserved temple of Ramses III.
  9. Mummification museum – the only museum in Egypt totally dedicated to the process of mummification.
  10. Nobles valley - Hundreds of tombs of the nobles were constructed in the foothills of the mountains at the edge of the western desert.