Egypt Traditions

Modern and ancient traditions in Egypt. Mummification in ancient Egypt and costumes in modern history. Food, drinks and modern culture of the country. Celebrations of the modern and ancient feasts and holidays nowadays.


Traditional egyptian lanterns for Ramadan

Traditions of Egypt

Ramadan, Ramadan in Egypt, the holly month of Muslims, celebration of Ramadan in Egypt, All about Ramadan
Aseer Asab or sugarcane drink

Egyptian top drinks to taste

Here are the best drinks in Egypt: Sugarcane, Hibiscus tea or Karkade, Sahlab, Lemonade, Cocktail drink or Fruits cocktail, Pickle Juice Torshi Mekhalel, Hummus Sham, Dates with milk, Concentrated juice / Syrup, Sobia, Tamarind drink and Carob drink
Om Ali - Egyptian desserts

Egyptian desserts

Egypt is famous for its sweets and desserts since ancient times. Umm Ali Qatayef Kahk Basbousa Harisa Kanafeh Egyptian Meshabek Zalabia or Lockmet el-Qady Mahalabiya, Goulash
Street decorated with flags during Ramadan.

Ramadan in Egypt

Learn more about celebration of the Holy month of Ramadan in Egypt, its famous traditions common just to Egypt, food rituals and habits, kinds of entertainments available during the month and people's behaviour towards each other.


Nubian village.

Nubians and their culture

History and culture of Egyptian Nubia: its great past and glorious achievements, lost historical and cultural heritage of Nubia, and present state of Nubian people in Egypt.
Egyptian woman in a countryside.

Egyptians and their religions

Religion of Egyptian people, its races & different cultures: Arabs, Nubians, Bedouins and Berbers
A Bedouin woman at her kitchen Bedouins food.

Bedouins of Egypt

Enduring the desert and walking through rough mountains is part of Bedouin women's life. ... Bedouin culture has been founded on strict tribal laws and traditions. ... Of the eight Bedouin tribes of South Sinai , Al-Muzeina has by far the greatest share of Nabq and that tribes people have
Egyptian countryside.

Egyptian countryside

Egyptian countryside is very beautiful and rich of plants and trees. People living along the Nile have beautiful villages and decorated houses. Their traditions are differ from those who live in big cities. Find out what their culture has to offer us.