Aswan Botanical Garden Elnabatat

Botanical garden in Aswan is one of the oldest gardens in the world. It includes a group of tropical and subtropical plants and is considered to be one of the most important research centers in Egypt.

View over Botanical garden in Aswan from the Nile
View over Botanical garden in Aswan from the Nile

The garden is located on one of the largest and most beautiful islands of the Nile. The oval shaped island has an area of 17 acres & includes a rare collection of tropical plants which have been collected from all over the world. It's rare collection of trees includes: Alcaaa African - Tamarind -Almahojuny - Ebony - Camphor - Neem - Cork - Alpomaks - Sandalwood. Collection of tropical fruit trees includes Jack Fruit - Kazmiro - Mango - Cream - Alepeshmlh - Pineapple - Passion Fruit - Figs - Sabota - Alaugenia - Coconut. As well as medicinal plants and aromatic henna, hibiscus, basil, frankincense and siwaak.

The island was settled by Nubians and was known as "Garden Natron", English in the late nineteenth century used the island as a military base and renamed the spot to the "Island of the radar," but King Fouad I ordered to change its name to the "King's Island". And only after the Egyptian revolution in July 1952 the President Gamal Abdel Nasser finally called the site as "Island of plants."

Island of plants is built on an area of 17 acres, and divided into 7 sections of the plant life and rare perennials, which are initialized its favorable climatic conditions by plastic greenhouses as follows:

1. Collection of timber trees: such as ebony, mahogany, and sandalwood.
2. Tropical fruit trees: such as papaya and grapefruit.
3. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: like siwaak, tamarind, carob, cloves, cardamom, hibiscus, ginger, marjoram.
4. Spice plants: such as chili peppers and red peppers.
5. Ornamental plants: such as Jasmine, Garonaa, tulips, and petunias.
6. Oily plants: such as oil palm, and coconut palms, olive trees.
7. Palm group: Dom like palm, coconut palms, date palms.

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Published: 09 May 2024 Last update: 09 May 2024