Top Things To Do in Hurghada

Hurghada is a famous tourists destination resort town located on the edge of the Red Sea Egypt, find the top attractions & the best places to visit.

Boat trip to Giftun Island

Giftun Island

The island is situated around 11 kilometers far from the beach of Hurghada, boat trips to Giftun Island are available every day, this trip tourists spend about 7 hours enjoying swimming, diving and snorkeling plus a delicious lunch on board. The island is characterized by soft sand and wonderful beaches. The island’s surroundings include more than 14 dive sites. Giftun Island is considered to be one of the most beautiful diving sites in Hurghada.

The prices for such trips range from LE 100 to LE 250 depending on the options, activities and program different companies and boats offer.

Grand Aquarium Hurghada

Grand Aquarium Hurghada

It is a good addition to the tourist activities in Hurghada, the place attracts thousands of visitors annually, and is built on an area of ​​about 22 thousand meters. The Grand Aquarium in Hurghada tours is the third largest marine simulation in the world.

The venue features a wide range of marine organisms, including turtles, sharks and colorful fishes, in
spectacular forms in an environment similar to what they really are. The Aquarium is the first project
of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa.

The project allows visitors to communicate with the Red Sea marine organisms and to identify them closely. The area includes more than 22 fish ponds, the largest in the world in size, where you find many types of Red sea fish. A glass tunnel of 22 meters in length gives a natural Marine life simulation and unique underwater experience. The Grand Aquarium is visited by hundreds of tourists, Egyptians and school trips daily.

The Sand Museum

The Sand Museum

The museum was created with the help of about 42 artists and sculptors from 17 different countries. Over 7 months of work using 12,500 meters of sand and 4,000 meters of water, finally opened in Hurghada. The first and largest open sand museum in the Middle East and Africa. The museum exhibits a number of the most important archaeological and historical monuments in Egypt and the world, in addition to a number of historical figures, fiction and legendary influenced in the history of the world.

Through this museum, which is an huge addition to the tourist attractions in Hurghada, you can see the pyramids, the Sphinx and 42 murals. During your visit to the place you can also experience artistic performances and sound and light shows in different languages with the explanations ​​about the
contents and history of the sculptures presented in the Sand Museum of Hurghada.

At the entrance of the museum you find a stereoscopic form of one of the sunken aircraft in the sand sea; the pyramids and the statue of Sphinx top the entrance to the museum and several huge sand sculptures up to about 10 meters high.

The museum contains several statues, including «Yin and Yang» god of good and evil of the Chinese, the statue of the legend of «Boca della Frita» gods lying to the Romans, and sculpture of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror and Napoleon Bonaparte, the gods Maat and 42 historical murals.

Mini Egypt park

Mini Egypt park

Near the Makadi Bay, built on an area of ​​3 square kilometers, lays a Mini Egypt Park. The area provides a different experience of sightseeing and historical places in Egypt. Compared to traditional museums in Egypt Mini park you will find all Egyptian monuments in miniature, small in sizes. Trip to Mini Egypt park in Hurghada, Makadi bay is a great way to explore Egypt and to learn about the main tourists attractions of the country, especially if you have children. Spend 2 hours exploring Mini Egypt and choose the right place to go and visit later on ground. It is a wonderful environment for parents and grandparents with children as well as for teaching school students Egyptian history.

When touring the park you will discover a collection of monuments and places of interests consisting of 60 well-chosen artworks. These small models are actually the result of thousands of years of work of our ancestors. Behind each piece of these models we find a story of how it became a part of Mini Egypt collection.

Hurghada Safari Tours

Quad Bikes Safari

Hurghada has a wonderful wild desert and offers you an atmosphere of excitement, adventure and fun. Desert became one of the most popular attractions in Hurghada where you can enjoy different activities such as driving Quad bikes, Dune Buggy or Jeep vehicles amid the dunes in remote areas. Desert is a perfect place to discover the Bedouin life and participate in some desert adventures. Let’s enjoy the nature and wildlife of Egypt, mountains, sand, plateaus, valleys and Bedouin life in all its details. Tourism statistics show that about one-third of visitors to the Red Sea resorts make desert safaris, whether in Hurghada, Safaga or Marsa Alam. The Red Sea desert has become a tourist attraction for adventure enthusiasts and safari lovers, do not miss your chance to enjoy nature and spend several hours between mountains amid nomadic life.

Enjoy camel riding

Camel riding

If you want to go for a short stroll on a beach or even longer trip right into the desert stretching for two hours then try camel riding. A group of Bedouins will take you for a pleasant walk along a beach or through the desert. You will get a chance to observe a desert landscapes while sitting on a high saddle under the guidance of local Bedouins in an authentic eastern atmosphere.

Bedouin dinner

Tours to the Bedouins from Hurghada

Have you ever tried to approach or mix with a wonderful Bedouin life? One of the most exciting things you can do in Hurghada while the evening turns into a charming atmosphere with bright clear stars is to visit a Bedouin village and try their traditional food, for all food lovers it will be a great new experience. Do not hesitate and try out some tours to neighboring Bedouin communities and enjoy a Bedouin dinner, in a traditional Bedouin tent, delicious home food, beautiful Bedouin dance and traditional music.

Astronomical Night, Stargazing night


One of the best trips that Hurghada can offer its guests is an astronomical night trip. Let’s move out of the city after dusk and go to the desert. Under clear sky of the desert we can enjoy a wonderful evening looking at the twinkling sky with its bright stars plotted with a magnificent and charming view like no other in the world. It is one of the best opportunities that you should seize when you are there.

Hurghada Marina

Hurghada Marina

Marina yachts in Hurghada are located in the scaffolding area, and is considered to be one of the best tourist destinations in the city in evenings. It is an integrated entertainment area containing all the amenities and fun activities. It is the best place to stroll amidst many cafes and restaurants that offer various types of delicious
food and beverages in front of the panoramic views of the marine yachts swaying in the Red Sea. The place attracts many visitors looking for fun and relaxation at night in Hurghada. Located in Al-Thaqafah area Hurghada Marine is full of luxury hotels, nightclubs, discos, shopping places, yachts and boats in addition to many loud parties. It is a place to enjoy a sunset with its charming red and golden rays.

Abu Nahas diving site

Abu Nuhas Shipwreck Sites

65 km southeast of Hurghada is located a unique dive site Abu Nahas. Accessed directly from the island of Shadwan it offers a wonderful opportunity to discover the wreckage of seven underwater ships. The most famous shipwreck Karnatec belonged to the United Kingdom and sunk in 1869, it is still incredibly good in terms of its skeleton, which has become now home to a plethora of charming coral reefs. Another ship Kimon sank in 1978, the ship Olden sank in 1987 and Chrysoula Kiya sunk in 1981, Giannis de sunk in 1983. The coral reefs there is the reason for the sinking all that ships as it is dangerous place for navigation. The reason why it is called copper is that the ships that sank near the reef contained copper. This wreckage is one of the most popular diving sites in Hurghada.

Gota Abu Ramada

Gota Abu Ramada

Also known as the Aquarium this dive site contains a huge amount of marine life and is one of the most popular diving sites near Hurghada. The place is often used as a training site for beginner divers as it hosts many colorful, bright and diverse fish species. The reef attracts many tourists, beginners and experienced divers to enjoy underwater life, marine diversity of the Red sea and the beauty of the area.

The Strait of Gobal

Straits of Gubal

It is a narrow strip of water between the Red Sea coast and the west coast of the Sinai Peninsula. The Strait is one of the main diving destinations in Hurghada. The most important feature of this region is that the water contains the wreckage of the World War II cargo ship Kinston, discovered by French diver Jacques Cousteau in 1950. The shipwreck attracts many divers to the area, they can explore the wreckage and enjoy the beauty of charming coral reefs as well as swimming with dolphins in more than 30 wonderful diving sites.

Sindbad Submarine

Sindbad Submarine

If you are not into diving or snorkeling or you rather have children who can not yet swim well and explore the Red sea underwater life Sindbad Submarine offers you a pleasure of viewing marine life while sailing in a comfortable safe environment. The boat can submerge up to 22 meters. One hour underwater trip will reveal you the magnificence of the Red Sea underwater creatures.

Hurghada Beaches


The beaches in Hurghada stretch along the coast line on both sides of the city. It is characterized by its white sands and pure water. Most of beaches in Hurghada are private and belong to luxury hotels and resorts. Enjoy a day swimming or snorkelling, lots of great sports activities or a hot sunbathing. If you want to find our more about private and public beaches in Hurghada, read our TOP 13 Hurghada Beaches to visit.

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