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The Pyramids of Giza during tour to Cairo from Sharm El Sheikh

Tour to Cairo from Sharm El Sheikh by Plane

15.0 Hours
Pick up: 05:00 AM

price 139

Karnak Temple during day trip to Luxor from Sharm El Sheikh

Luxor Tour Day trip from Sharm El Sheikh

16.0 Hours
Pick up: 05:00 AM

price 161

Star gazing excursions in Sharm el Sheikh

Stargazing Trip in Sharm El Sheikh

6.0 Hours
Pick up: 15:00 PM

price 25

Tour to White island in Sharm el Sheikh

White Island and Ras Mohammed snorkeling tour

10.30 Hours
Pick up: 07:30 AM

price 20

Parasailing activity in Sharm el Sheikh

Extreme Water Sports Safari

9.0 Hours
Pick up: 08:00 AM

price 29

At Ras Mohammed Mangroves channel

Ras Mohammed National Park snorkeling tour

6.30 Hours
Pick up: 08:30 AM

price 15

Mount Sinai night excursion from Sharm el Sheikh

Mount Sinai Tour from Sharm El Sheikh

17.0 Hours
Pick up: 20:00 PM

price 22

Boat trips from Sharm el Sheikh to Tiran island

Tiran Island Snorkeling Trip

8.0 Hours
Pick up: 08:00 AM

price 18

Aqua park kids slides in Sharm El Sheikh

Aqua Park Day Trip Sharm El Sheikh

7.0 Hours
Pick up: 10:00 AM

price 28

Quad biking safari trip

Quad Biking trip Sharm El Sheikh

3.0 Hours
Pick up: 14:30 PM

price 11

Bus Tour to Pyramids and Sphinx from Sharm El Sheikh Egypt

Bus Tour to Pyramids from Sharm El Sheikh

22.0 Hours
Pick up: 01:00 AM

price 51

The main chapel of Saint Catherine monastery, South Sinai

St Catherine's monastery tours from Sharm El Sheikh

9.30 Hours
Pick up: 06:30 AM

price 22

Top Attractions in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh is a popular holiday destination, we offer you the best excursions in Sharm el Sheikh: snorkeling and diving trips to Ras Mohammed and Tiran, excursions to the pyramids, excursions to Cairo and Luxor, safari trips to Sinai desert, Abu Galum, Wadi Ginai, evening desert tours and excursions to Bedouins for Stargazing. Enjoy best snorkeling trips to Tiran island, Quad-biking excursions and camel ride in Sinai desert, hike Mount Sinai at night and relax on Sharm el Sheikh beaches.

Planning Your Sharm El Sheikh Visit

Shopping in Sharm el Sheikh

Shopping in Sharm el Sheikh is easy since in every area of the city you will find either a shopping mall like in Naama Bay Genina city or a row of small bazaars like in the Old Market.

Sharm el Sheikh Old town

Sharm el Sheikh Old town also known as Old market is a perfect place not just for cotton products shopping but also for an oriental or seafood dinning.

Best restaurants in Sharm el Sheikh

Best restaurants in Sharm el Sheikh are situated in the Old Market, Fares fish restaurant and Masreen Oriental Grill are among them.

Old market, Sharm el Sheikh

Old market, Sharm el Sheikh is situated in the beginning of the city and is famous for its beautiful Bedouin style mosque dominating the area.

Sharm el Sheikh to Cairo one day trip

Sharm el Sheikh to Cairo excursion is the most popular one day trip from Sharm el Sheikh to the Pyramids and the Sphinx, including Egyptian museum tour and Nile felucca trip.

Sharm el Sheikh weather

Sharm el Sheikh weather suites all ages, warm and mild all year round it lets you swim in the Red sea even in winter. Autumn is the best time to visit Sharm el Sheikh, from end of September to end of December. It is a good practice to spend Christmas holiday and New Year vacation in Sharm el Sheikh.

Where to stay in Sharm el Sheikh you may ask?

Choose between luxury 5* hotels on all inclusive base with a private beach, a private villa apartment with a private pool and a garden or a small beach front bungalow.

Soho square Sharm el Sheikh

Soho square in Sharm el Sheikh is a famous promenaded with lots of shops, bazaars, restaurants and open air cafes, entertainments for children and adults alike. The area is situated in Shark’s bay near Savoy hotels and the best time to visit Soho square is evenings when you can watch Dancing fountain performance.

Naama bay

Naama bay, a famous Sharm el Sheikh promenade, is located in the heat of the city. Naama bay is well known for its beach front hotels, many world known restaurants and cafes, as well as best night clubs and discos in the city.

Sharm el Sheikh at night

Sharm el Sheikh at night becomes a vigorous place. Full of night clubs, discos and sport pubs it is a place to experience if you are young, energetic and eager to dive into Sharm el Sheikh night life. Night is the best time for shopping lovers to discover oriental bazaars and modern malls, for gourmets oriental restaurants and for youth night clubs.

Good to know
  1. Always take a bottle of water with you while on a tour in Sharm el Sheikh.
  2. You do not require Egyptian visa if you holiday in Sharm el Sheikh.
  3. Upon arrival in Sharm el Sheikh airport you get free Sinai Only stamp in your passport.
  4. You do not require Egyptian Visa if you do Ras Mohammed land tour.
  5. You do not require Egyptian Visa if you go to Petra or Jerusalem.
  6. You do require Full visa of Egypt if you go to Cairo, Luxor, el-Tour city.
  7. All hotels in Sharm el Sheikh offer their guests free breakfast boxes if you miss your breakfast while on an early excursion like Mount Sinai tour.
  8. All hotels in Sharm el Sheikh have check in at 3:00 pm and check out at 12:00 pm.
  9. Egyptian pound is the main country currency. Other currencies like US dollars, Euros and British sterling pounds are accepted in Sharm el Sheikh and in touristic shops in Cairo and Luxor.
  10. You can leave your luggage in hotel’s baggage room until departure.


How far is Sharm el Sheikh from the pyramids?

Sharm el Sheikh is 600 km far from Cairo city and 650 km far from the Pyramids in Giza.

Can you visit the Pyramids from Sharm El Sheikh

Yes, it is one of the most popular activities you can do while you are on holiday in Sharm El Sheikh. Many tours operators run day trips to Pyramids from Sharm El Sheikh either by plane or by bus or by a private car.

What continent is Sharm el Sheikh in?

Sharm el Sheikh is in Asian continent as it is located on Sinai peninsula, which is not a part of Africa.

What is Sharm El Sheikh known for?

First of all Sharm el Sheikh is known for its beautiful Red Sea coral reefs, Ras Mohammed Marine park and warm comfortable weather almost all the year round.

What to do in Sharm el Sheikh?

There are many things to do in Sharm el Sheikh, here are just a few to name:

Recreational activities: water-sports, yoga, hamam, parasailing
Daily boat trips to Tiran island and Ras Mohammed National park
Safari tours to Natural reserves of Abu Galum and Wadi Ginay
Discover local bazaars, shops and restaurants
Sharm el Sheikh night life with its clubs, discos and casinos

What kind of food can we expect to have in a restaurant while on Cairo tour?

Most of restaurants here offer the following: rice, potatoes with tomato sauce, chicken or cofta (kind of beef), different kinds of green salads, cucumbers and tomatoes, pickled vegetables (especially salted lemons) and some kinds of national dressings such as takhina (made of sesame). As a rule fish is not offered in restaurants. Western and Eastern sweets are also on offer. Any kind of soft drinks, juices or water are not included in meal so that you have to order it yourself with extra charge. Even if you are a vegetarian you can always find something to eat during your tour. If you order a breakfast-box for your early tour, you can find the following inside: pocket of juice, an apple or an orange (depends on the season), piece of bread, triangle cheese, cake or cookies. The richness of your breakfast box always depends on the hotel you stay in.

Do you run Cairo 1 day bus tours?

Yes, we do. You can do full day Cairo by bus tour using public bus from Sharm el Sheikh to Cairo.

What safari tours can we do as family with children

Mega safari, Wadi Ginay, Bedouin night or Extreme water sports safari will be a perfect option for your party.

Do you pick up for the excursions from Nabq bay?

Yes, we do pick up from Nabq bay hotels.

Do we require a visa to visit Cairo by bus?

Yes, you do require full visa of Egypt to do Cairo trip by bus.

Visa can be purchased upon arrival in Sharm el Sheikh Airport at a special ticket office. It costs 25$ per person and must be stamped with the day of your arrival.

Do we need to obtain a visa for evening safari tours?

No, you do not need to obtain visa for evening safari tours from Sharm el Sheikh.

Is there any dress code for different tours/excursions?

There are some rules you are asked to follow while on Pilgrimage tours to St. Catherine monastery/Mount Sinai or Jerusalem tour. Knees and shoulders have to be covered when entering sacred places or churches. Other tours do not require special dress.

Can the camel rides be done by children aged 1.5yrs and 4 yrs old and if pregnant?

It is not recommend to ride camel while pregnant, but there are no problems for Children 1.5 or 4 years to ride a camel together with their parents.

Does the deposit get taken off the final price?

Yes, it does. The deposits will be deducted from your final balance.

How can I pay the outstanding balance for the trip?

There are several ways to pay off the balance. Should you wish to pay off the balance before arrival you can do it online, via our site, please write us an e-mail with full payment link request.

Should you wish to pay off the balance when you are already in Egypt you can meet with our representative to pay cash or use our site to pay the balance by credit card.

Do I need to get a Visa for 2 days Cairo and Luxor tour or do you provide the visa in the cost of the excursion?

Yes, you do need to get Full Visa of Egypt for 2 days Cairo and Luxor trip as we do not include visas in our tour package. You can purchase visa upon arrival in Sharm el Sheikh airport, it costs 25$ per person.

How to get visa for Egypt?

1. There are 2 kinds of visa you can get upon arrival in Egypt, Sharm-el-Sheikh.

First kind is a free zone of Gulf of Aqaba and Saint Catherine visa, so called Sinai only stamp, you get in Sharm el Sheikh airport upon arrival.It is a stamp you get when passing passport control and it is free of charge. This visa covers the following areas of Sinai: Sharm-el-Sheikh, Dahab, Nuweiba, Taba and St. Catherine.

Second kind is a full visa of Egypt, you can buy in Sharm-el-Sheikh airport upon arrival as well in case you do not need to obtain Egyptian visa prior to your visit to Egypt. Full visa of Egypt costs 25$ per person. It is a special sticker you put in your passport and pass passport control with it.

Do we need a visa if we go on the camel Bedouin and star gazing tour?

No, you do not need visa for this excursion, but you have to take passport with you as there is a passport control check on the way to the Bedouin tent.

What time is pick up and drop off for a private tour by air to Cairo if I stay at the Old Market area?

Pick up time depends on the flight you are booked on, but as a rule we use 7:00 am flight to Cairo, if you stay in Old Market area pick up will be at 04:30 am.

Do you run the plane excursion from Sharm el Sheik to Cairo everyday?

Yes, we do run excursions to Cairo by plane every day. Depending on a flight availability Cairo excursion by air can be booked for any day of the week as a private tour. In case you want a group tour then the tour will be available in some particular days.

Is private tour to Cairo by air suitable for a woman and 10 year old child travelling alone?

Yes, our private tour to Cairo is 100% suitable for a woman and 10 years old child as you can adjust the tour to your requirements. On this tour you have a personal guide and driver, private air conditioned car. You can stay more or less time in every place you visit and you do not need to follow other people when you are on a group tour.

Is it possible to join the Mount Sinai night tour if we arrive in Sharm el Sheikh airport at 22:15?

Unfortunately you will not be able to catch the trip as you arrive too late. If you plan to go to Sharm el Sheikh just to visit Mount Sinai then you have to arrive in the city not later than 19:00 pm to catch the trip.

Does the day trip to Cairo allow time to visit the interior of a Pyramid or just to view from outside?

Yes, it does allow you to visit the interior of a pyramid during the visit. You can enter any of the 3 pyramids if they are open to public. You have to buy a special entrance ticket. The price varies depending on the pyramid you want to enter. Our guide will assist you in case you want to enter a pyramid.

Do you get the chance to see Tutankhamuns tomb on Luxor trip?

Yes, you do. There is no problem to visit the tomb of the king Tutankhamen when you are in Luxor on your day trip. It costs extra money and you have to buy a separated ticket to enter the tomb. Our guide will assist you in case you want to visit the tomb.

Do you rent snorkeling equipment per extra cost?

Snorkeling equipment can be rented per extra cost at a shop we stop on the way to the jetty. Price is between 20 and 40 LE per piece. You can rent snorkel, mask, fins, life-jacket, wetsuit.

What type of boat do you use for a full day sea trip?

For a full day boat trips we use standard boat/yacht that can accommodate up to 25 people, you can see pictures on our website. Pirates boat is used only for special trips we offer on this kind of boat.

What do we cover in the Egyptian museum as first time visitors?

As first time visitors, you will cover in the Egyptian museum its main exhibition halls on the 1st floor, king Tut collection, animal mummies exposition and optionally you can visit Royal Mummies hall.

How many hours does it take to tour the Egyptian museum?

When you visit Cairo with a group as a first time visitor you will spend in the Egyptian museum as a rule from 2 to 2,5 hours. It will leave you enough time to cover the main museum's halls and collections.