What is Cairo most known for?
Top 10 Cairo Attractions not to miss

Getting better acquainted with Cairo surroundings will be more successful if you begin your journey prepared. We prepared some suggestions for you to explore Cairo in the best way possible. When decided to explore Cairo leave your expectations at home, keep your eyes and mind open and enjoy the experience. Museums and historical sites are the doorways.

Egyptian Sphinx in Giza

What are touristy things to do in Cairo?

As Cairo is a prime tourist destination in the world let’s 1st of all find out what are touristy things to do in Cairo. Tourist places in Egypt Cairo that everyone since childhood dreams to visit are no doubt the pyramids. The best known are the pyramids in Giza: The Great Pyramid of Cheops, the pyramid of Khafre and the smallest of the three Giza Pyramids - pyramid of Menkaure. At the bottom of the pyramid of Chephren we find a gigantic statue of the Sphinx. By the way, all three pyramids can be entered and explored from inside. Daily excursion from Hurghada to Cairo by bus and the pyramids as well as Tour to Cairo from Sharm El Sheikh is the best way to see Egyptian pyramids if your are holidaying in one of Red Sea Egypt resorts.

Step pyramid in Saqqara

Experience Saqqara tombs and pyramids

Cairo is not limited just to the Pyramids of Giza. If you have more than 1 day in Cairo go exploring Saqqara and its unique sites. Only there you will find the 1st ever built pyramid in Egypt – the Step pyramid of King Djoser, beautiful pyramid of Unas with “Pyramids Texts”, one of a few pyramids decorated from inside, and of course mysterious Serapeum of Saqqara and its sarcophagi. Variety of Ancient Egyptian tombs restored and reopened to public will add a new experience to your trip. Check out our guide to Saqqara tombs to know more about the area and its history.

Meidum pyramid

Discover Unknown Pyramids in Dahshur, Meidum, Fayoum

Continue further to the south and visit Ancient Memphis city, Dahshur pyramids and Meidum, like this you will cover the major pyramids that are found around Cairo and can be reached during one day tour. For more adventurous travellers Fayoum and its pyramids can be next destination. Pyramids in Fayoum (Hawara Pyramid) have been recently opened to public and can be fully explored from inside.

The Giza Pyramids overview

Top ten tourist attractions in Cairo

Tourist sites in Egypt Cairo can be divided into several categories, depending on your goal and what you are interested in. You can explore just the Egyptian pyramids, make a tour around Giza and its famous tourist spots, discover famous buildings in Cairo Egypt or go to less touristy places and explore the desert and Egyptian oases with its beautiful nature, ancient Pharaonic temples and hot springs.

The Great Pyramid, Giza

1. Egyptian pyramids and Sphinx

Cairo Citadel, mosque of Mohammed Ali

2. Cairo Citadel of Saladin

Cairo Egyptian Museum at Tahrir square

3. Egyptian museum of Antiquities

Hoteps brothers tomb in Saqqara

4. Saqqara, its tombs and pyramids

Wall of ancient Cairo city

5. Medieval Cairo and its buildings

Hanging church, Old Cairo

6. Old Cairo and Coptic churches

Grand Egyptian Museum

7. Grand Egyptian museum

Inside the Nilometer, Roda island

8. Rhoda island and Nilometer, Manial palace museum

Bab Zuweila, Cairo city gate

9. Bab Zuweila

National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

10. Museum of Egyptian Civilization

List of Experience Egypt

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