Alexandria Tours & Excursions, things to do

List of Attractions and best things to do in Alexandria. Book your guided tour online or sightseeing tickets, daily excursion to Lighthouse of Alexandria, citadel of Qaitbay, Montaza palace, Library of Alexandria, Pompey's Pillar, Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa and Graeco-Roman Museum

Montaza palace, Alexandri, Egypt

Alexandria, Egypt 2 day tour of historical gems

2 Days
Pick up: 07:00 AM

price £142

Antoniadis gardens

Alexandria City Tour | Alexandria Attractions one Day trip

8 Hours
Pick up: 08:00 AM

price £79

Excursion to the Pyramids

Alexandria cruise port to pyramids day tour

10 Hours
Pick up: 09:00 AM

price £103

Excursion to the Pyramid of Cheops from Alexandria

Norvegian Gem to the Pyramids day tour from Alexandria port

11 Hours
Pick up: 07:00 AM

price £103

Excursion from Alexandria port to Saqqara

Tour from port of Alexandria to Saqqara Giza Pyramids

11 Hours
Pick up: 07:00 AM

price £134

Queens pyramids in Giza

MS Splendida to the pyramids excursion from Alexandria port

9 Hours
Pick up: 09:00 AM

price £103

Excursion to the Cairo Museum from the port of Alexandria

Alexandria port to the Pyramids with Cairo Museum day tour

11 Hours
Pick up: 07:00 AM

price £103

Excursion to the pyramids from the port of Alexandria

Egyptian pyramids + Fayoum tour from Alexandria port

2 Days
Pick up: 07:00 AM

price £292

Top Attractions in Alexandria

Alexandria is a beautiful Mediterranean city famous for its Greco-Roman monuments, ancient Catacombs and sandy beaches. Modern Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Royal Jewelry museum, Pompey’s pillar and the only Roman amphitheater in Egypt are the top attractions to visit in Alexandria.

Planning Your Alexandria Visit

Why should i visit Alexandria Egypt?

There are several reasons why you should visit Alexandria. First of all it is a very famous Mediterranean city full of life established by Alexander the Great, the only original Alexandria city. Second the city is famous for its unique Greco-Roman Catacombs found nowhere else in the world and, of course, beautiful sandy beaches of Alexandria.

Places to eat in Alexandria Egypt

Alexandria is famous for sea food restaurants, many of them are situated along the shore line, but the best known is Fish Market where you can buy fresh fish and get it cooked right in front of your eyes and then enjoy eating it on the beach watching the sea.

Explore Alexandria Egypt

If you want to explore Alexandria, then it is best to take a local tram and ride along the city watching through the glass. It is a good practice to visit Greco-Roman Catacombs of Com al-Shuqafa or a New Library of Alexandria. Walking along the Cornish will reveal you the true Mediterranean city of Alexandria with its numerous cafes, old-fashion hotels, last century buildings and sandy beaches.

Alexandria tours from Cairo

Alexandria is situated just 220 km far from Cairo, so you can reach it in less than 3 hours. Day tours from Cairo to Alexandria by car are very popular. The tours offer as a rule visit to Catacombs of Com al-Shoqafa, Pompey Pillar and Roman theater, Qait Bay Citadel and Library of Alexandria. For more authentic experience you can take a local 1st class train to reach the city, it will bring you right in the middle of Alexandria.

Things to do in Alexandria Egypt

Alexandria is known for its long sandy beaches. It is a summer resort for Egyptians, so the main activity in Alexandria is relaxing on a beach and swimming during the day and at night walking along the sea Cornish, shopping or enjoying at a cafe-shop with a water-pipe.

Good to know
  1. Egyptian visa is required for your Alexandria day tours if you arrive in one of Alexandria’s sea ports. Visa can be obtained upon arrival, it costs 25$. You get visa for every passport even if you have a new born baby.
  2. Always take a bottle of water with you while on a tour in Alexandria.
  3. Always take documents with you while in a tour in Alexandria: passport, id card.
  4. It is cold and windy in Alexandria in winter, often it rains, dress accordingly for your day tours and excursions.
  5. Egyptian pound is the main country currency. Other currencies like US dollars, Euros and British sterling pounds are unlikely to be accepted in Alexandria, only in touristic areas.
  6. Alexandria is safe to travel to and to move around the city on your own.
  7. Taxi services are available in Alexandria, all licensed taxi drivers have counters in their cars, they charge 6LE to get place.
  8. Friday is official day of in Egypt. All public places close during Friday pray, especially Islamic sites.
  9. Touristic sights in Alexandria work every day without holidays and public days off mainly from 09:00 am to 16:00 pm.
  10. You can visit the Citadel of Qait Bay in the evening as well, it is open.


What are the most popular things to do in Alexandria with kids?

It is best to spend a day by the sea on a beautiful sandy beach in summer or go to Montaza park for a walk if you have kids.

What are the top attractions to visit in Alexandria?

The following attractions are the best to visit in Alexandria: Catacombs of Kom al-Shoqafa, Pompey pillar, Roman amphitheater and Fort Qait Bay.

Can we overnight in Alexandria?

Yes, you can overnight in Alexandria, but we do not recommend to do that as hotels in the city are not well equipped and maintained as a rule.

How long does it take to reach Alexandria from Cairo?

It may take up to 3 hours to reach Alexandria from Cairo. The distance is 220 km.