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Cairo attracts tourists from all over the world. The only wonder of the ancient world is still stands here The Great Pyramid of Cheops. Come end enjoy multiple trips in Cairo to pyramids of Giza, Saqqara, Memphis and Meidum. Felucca ride along the Nile or Evening Nile cruise with dinner, Sound and Light show at the pyramids or just a walk along Khan el Khalili bazaar it is a few to mention from the excursions and activities you can do while visiting Cairo.

Sightseeing Tours from Cairo

Between two pyramids in Giza

Let's explore Cairo sightseeing and visit the most famous places in the city. Three pyramids of Giza with the Great Sphinx and newly discovered...

GBP 51
Solar boat museum  during layover Tour of Cairo Pyramids

Layover Tour from Cairo airport to Pyramids Sphinx Valley Temple Camel riding or Horse back riding Solar boat museum

GBP 37
The Great Pyramid of Cheops

One day Cairo city tour will uncover you the ancient Egyptian civilization with its famous tombs, temple and structures.

GBP 41

Egypt Foodie Tours

Egyptian traditional breakfast

Our unique Cairo Street Food walking tour combines not just perfect places in Cairo to discover its tastiest street delights but also visit to...

GBP 104
Gulash with cream

If you want to discover the best places to taste traditional Egyptian sweets and local oriental desserts then our tour is for you! Plus...

GBP 73
Traditional Egyptian food

Explore downtown of Cairo with an expert local guide as you treat your palate to the city’s fresh and diverse culinary scene! You’ll dine,...

GBP 156

Tours to Luxor from Cairo

Queen Hatshepsut temple at Deir el-Bahari

Discover ancient Egyptian city of Luxor by taking a short flight from Cairo.

GBP 140
Inside Luxor temple

Day trips from Cairo is a good way to explore other cities. Try our overday Luxor from Cairo day tour by train and discover...

GBP 363
Balloon rides in Luxor

Balloon rides over Luxor are very popular. Early in the morning you can see tens of hot-air balloons rising on the horizon, starting almost...

GBP 363

Pyramids Tours

Overview of Step Pyramid in 2016.

Let's use our chance and visit the first pyramid in the history and the earliest stone building erected in Egypt. The Step pyramid is...

GBP 26
Bent Pyramid at Dahshur

Today we will go to Dahshur to explore a beautiful and one of the best preserved pyramids in Egypt known as Bent Pyramid. Just...

GBP 26
Meidum Pyramid

Excursion to Meidum to its amazing pyramid of unusual shape and other interesting objects located in this area, where incessant archaeological excavations do not...

GBP 26

Cairo Museums excursions

Building of the National Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum of Antiquities is situated on the famous Tahrir square at the bank of the Nile. The building itself celebrated already 119 years!...

GBP 41
Pyramid texts

Let's discover some ancient artifacts found in Saqqara and exhibited in a special museum totally dedicated to Saqqara findings, known as Imhotep museum. Only...

GBP 31
Royal carriage

The royal carriages museum is located in Cairo Citadel and houses the magnificent carriages of the times of Mohamed Ali. Do not miss this...

GBP 31


Actually, you will not find anything inside the pyramids, just some empty chambers and sometimes empty sarcophagus. But some pyramids in Saqqara like pyramid of Teti and Unas contain Pyramid Texts on its walls.

Date 12 July 2019

Sphinx is located in the same area as the Pyramids of Giza, just right under the 2nd one or in front of it. You need to walk around 10 minutes down the pyramids to find your way inside the Valley Temple and then to the Sphinx.

Date 12 July 2019

Yes, tourists can go inside the pyramids. As a rule 2 out of 3 pyramids are opened to public. The Great pyramid of Cheops can be visited by a very limited amount of people per day. Other pyramids are easily accessed on the day of your visit, just a separated entry ticket will be required.

Date 12 July 2019

Yes, it is absolutely safe to visit the pyramids.

Date 12 July 2019

In the evening in Cairo you can do the following: Sound and Light show at the pyramids, Nile cruise with dinner and oriental show, visit Khan el Khalily bazaar.

Date 12 July 2019

As it is an open buffet you can find the following: rice, potatoes with tomatoes sauce, chicken or cofta (kind of beef), different kinds of green salads, cucumbers and tomatoes, pickled vegetables (especially salted lemon) and some kinds of national dressings such as takhina (made of sesame). Please note that as a rule fish is not offered. Western and Eastern sweets are also on offer.

Any kind of soft drinks, juices or water are not included in meal so you have to order it yourself with extra charge.

Date 12 July 2019

Nile cruise with Oriental dinner and show on board takes 2 hours.

Date 12 July 2019