History of Egypt

History of Ancient Egypt, Egypt and its history in Middle ages and Islamic era. Islamic rule in Egypt, its influence and culture. Modern history of Egypt. Egypt and its history, culture, traditions from ancient to modern times.

Modern History

1st president of Egypt Gamal adbel Naser

Presidents of Egypt

Egypt had quite few presidents. The 1st one announced in 1956 and the last one elected in 2014: from Gamal abdel Nasser to Hosniy Mubarak, Muslim brotherhood member Mohammed Morci and finally ex general al-Sisi.
Cairo Tower

Modern history of Egypt

Modern history of Egypt starts with the rule of Mohammed Ali dynasty through the British conquest of the country to the War with Israel for Sinai Peninsula.
Modern flag Egypt

History of the Egyptian flag

Egyptian flag had many colours and forms through out its history. Let's find out how it appeared, what colours it was in the beginning and how it changed until reaching the modern one we see now.
Egyptian TV or Maspero

Media and Arts in Egypt

Egypt is the capital of Middle Eastern communications with strong journalistic traditions and a relatively free press, the region's most important film, television and recording industries and the largest publishing industry in the Arab world, Cairo - Hollywood of Orient - is rich of art, culture, religion, newspapers, radio and TV.

Ancient History

Unas Pyramid at Saqqara.

Egypt Old Kingdom History

Ancient Egyptian Civilization was certainly one of the most long lived and durable in all world history, The Early Dynasty 3000-2705 B.C, The Old Kingdom 2705-2155 B.C, The Middle Kingdom 2134-1781 B.C and The New Kingdom 1550-1071 B.C.
Mother of the sacred Apis bull.

Ancient Animal Mummies

In Ancient Egypt animals were mummified for different purposes, not just like a sacred animals but also like votive offerings or food “victual” mummies.
Canopic jars.


Mummification and mummies in ancient Egyptian history, god of mummified Anubis and Anch. All about mummification in Ancient Egypt.
Hieroglyphs on the wall of Karnak temple.

Ancient Egyptian Language

Development of Egyptian dialect from hierogliphic to coptict and modern Arabic language.
Deir el Bahari Queen Hatshepsut temple.

18th Dynasty Kings

Get more information on Ancient history of Egypt and kings of the 18th dynasty including Queen Hatshepsut, Amenophis and Ramses the 2nd, when they ruled, what they achieved and what temples built.
Papyrus plant at the Egyptian museum.

Papyrus plant use

Papyrus plant and how ancient Egyptians used it in daily life.

Middle History

Mahmudeya mosque at the bottom of the Citadel.

Islamic history of Egypt

History of Islamic Egypt during The Tulunids and Ekhshidits, The Fatimid Caliphs & The Ayyubids. Salah el Din rule and Mamluks state in Egypt.