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Excursion to Saqqara and Step Pyramid
Saqqara guided tour

Tour Itinerary

Time Activity
07:00 am Meet with the guide in your Cairo hotel
07:15 am Transfer to Saqqara
08:00 am Imhotep museum visit
09:00 am Step pyramid of Djoser
10:00 am Pyramid of Teti visit
10:30 am Visit to some opened tombs
11:00 am Kajemny tomb visit
11:30 am Three opened tombs visit
12:00 pm Visit to Serapeum (optionally)
14:00 pm Transfer back to your hotel

Saqqara excursion

Touring Saqqara involves a lot of walking activities. Let's 1st explore a unique museum, found at the bottom of the necropolis and known as Imhotep museum. It is totally dedicated to findings at Saqqara and constantly new artifacts are being added to the museum exposition since the excavation in this area is at full swing.

Next let’s move to the main attraction of the area - the Step Pyramid of Djoser and his mortuary temple. We will walk around the temple and see some beautiful remains of the funerary temple. Behind the complex we’ll find one more pyramid, now open to public Pyramid of Unas and a long coursway leading from the pyramid to some interesting tombs of the area. If we move to another pyramid of the area, known as Pyramid of Teti , we can enter it and see how it looks like from inside. The area contains some other pyramids as well.

Just across the pyramid of Teti we find some tombs of Nobles that worth visit. The biggest tomb here is the one of Mereruka (the tomb is required extra ticket to enter). That's why let's 1st check tomb of Kagemni and a small chapel-tomb of Meryteti, son of Mereruka ( his chapel is part of the total mastaba complex attributed to his father).

Our last stop will be at The Apis tomb known as the Serapeum.

Date: 2018-12-14
Updated: 2019-01-04

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