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Luxor excursions

Wall relief at Karnak temple, Luxor

Full day Luxor excursion from your hotel in Luxor or from Luxor airport. Visit Karnak temple, Queen Hatshepsut temple, Valley of the Kings, Memnon...

GBP 47
Balloon rides in Luxor

Balloon rides over Luxor are very popular. Early in the morning you can see tens of hot-air balloons rising on the horizon, starting almost...

GBP 52
Inside of Nefertari tomb

Let's take a tour to the valley of the kings tombs, know some facts about valley of the kings and queens, and take some...

GBP 42
Inside the tomb of Tutankhamon

Our tour to kv62 simply known as king Tut tomb in Luxor Valley of the kings will let you know some facts about Tutankhamun...

GBP 42

Excursions other sights

Egyptian Museum of Antiquities

Visit Cairo city by flight from Luxor and explore the ancient pharaonic sites and temples.

GBP 137
Great Sphink at the pyramids

2 days tour to Cairo and Alexandria from Luxor by Sleeper Train to visit the Pyramids Sphinx Egyptian Museum Greco-Roman sights including roman Theater,...

GBP 368
Ramses II temple at Abu Simbel

This individual excursion to Aswan is designed for those who have always dreamed of visiting the ancient temples of Abu Simbel. Since this place...

GBP 262
Citadel, Mosque of Mohammed Ali

Overnight excursion to Cairo from Luxor by a sleeper train is a great chance to discover not only National Egyptian Museum, Pyramids and Sphinx...

GBP 210
Chapel in Abydos temple

Private day tour to Dendera and Abydos two amazing temples, located near Luxor to discover unique goddess Hathor temple in Dendera, with its unforgettable...

GBP 105
Montaza palace

One day tour from Luxor to the northern capital of Egypt, Alexandria, on a comfortable sleeper train is a great chance to know another...

GBP 315
elephantine island view

Day tour and trip to Aswan from Luxor is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the unique monuments of architecture that were saved...

GBP 84
Abydos temple wall painting

This monument of the ancient Egyptian civilization impresses with its brightness and diversity. This is one of the few surviving temples in Egypt, where...

GBP 142
Esna temple colonnade

Edfu temple tour combined with Esna temple trip will let you visit two unique temples, located in two different cities of Egypt, not only...

GBP 105
Osirion at Abydos

This strange structure is adjacent to the western wall of the Temple of Seti I in Abydos. Osirion was discovered by archaeologists Flinders Pitrey...

GBP 55

Luxor temples excursions

Colonnade inside the temple

This beautiful temple of Ramses III is located not far from another equally interesting temple of the valley - the temple of Queen Hatshepsut....

GBP 21
Broken stela inside Karnak temple.

Karnak temple is a historical landmark of Luxor, you can not skip this grate monuments of all times while touring Egypt. It may take...

GBP 21
Luxor temple main pylons

One of the most beautiful temples in Egypt built on the east bank of the Nile by Amenhotep III was once connected to another...

GBP 21
God Horus at the bottom of Hatshepsut temple.

Tour to a beautiful rock-hewn temple at Deir el-Bahari simply known as Temple of Hatshepsut will lead you through the most mysterious part of...

GBP 21
Colonnade in the temple of Ramses II

Spend some hours on a professionally guided tour through Egypt's past as you visit the Ramesseum temple, discover new facts about it, wander around...

GBP 21
Avenue of Sphinxes in Luxor temple

The avenue of sphinxes begins in the Temple of Luxor and extends several kilometers up to the Temple of Karnak. This tour is an...

GBP 21
Hathor headed columns

One of the most beautiful temples in Egypt, built at the beginning of our era, is an outstanding example of the style of the...

GBP 55

Nile cruises from Luxor

Nile cruise holidays from Sharm el Sheikh

Nile cruise holiday from Luxor to Aswan will take just 5 days, but will let you discover the main historical sights of Upper Egypt....

GBP 536
Floating hotel at the jetty in Aswan

7 Days Tour Package of Nile Cruise Holidays to experience river Nile, visit to most famous ancient Egyptian monuments: Luxor Sightseeing, Aswan Sightseeing, Edfu...

GBP 472
Nile floating hotel

Pyramids and 5 days Nile cruise holiday from Luxor is a great way to tour Upper Egypt and its famous temples: Karnak and Luxor...

GBP 514
Egypt holiday

Five days Nile cruise holiday with the pyramids excursion and visit to Alexandria city to discover Luxor and Aswan, Kom Ombo and Edfu, Cairo...

GBP 672