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Day tours, Trips, Excursions in Luxor east and west bank tour, trip to Aswan, Luxor to Abu Simbel tour. Guided tour to Luxor from Cairo, tours to Luxor from Hurghada, Safaga. Daily tours in Luxor to valley of the kings, Qeens' valley, Kranark temple, Luxor temple.

Inside of Nefertari tomb

Tour to Valley of the Kings Queens Nobles

9.0 Hours
Pick up: 07:00 AM

price 78

Balloon rides in Luxor

Hot Air Balloon Ride

2.30 Hours
Pick up: 05:00 AM

price 62

Memnon Colossus, Luxor

Luxor Day Tour

9.0 Hours
Pick up: 08:00 AM

price 78

Nile floating hotel in Luxor

Pyramids and Nile cruise holiday from Luxor

Duration: 6 Days
Pick up: 07:00 AM

price 624

Luxor to the Pyramids excursion

Cairo air tour from Luxor

13.0 Hours
Pick up: 07:00 AM

price 62

Ramses II temple at Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel and Aswan 2 Days Tour

Duration: 2 Days
Pick up: 05:00 AM

price 312

Sonesta St. George Floating hotel at the jetty in Aswan

Nile Cruise Holiday

Duration: 8 Days
Pick up: 07:00 AM

price 624

Nile cruise holidays from Luxor

Luxor to Aswan Nile cruise holiday

Duration: 5 Days
Pick up: 07:00 AM

price 406

Top Attractions in Luxor

Best tours and excursions in Luxor, private tours to Luxor from Hurghada and package tours to Luxor from UK. Try our day tours to Luxor from Cairo and tours Luxor Aswan Egypt at a very competitive prices. Daily tours in Luxor to Valley of the Kings, Tutankhamon tomb and Karnak Temple excursion. Take your Luxor tours from Cairo or Hurghada and discover things to do in Luxor. Cairo to Luxor holiday packages and Luxor day trip from Hurghada price list 2020.

Memnon Colossus, Luxor

Luxor Tours and Excursions

Planning Your Luxor Visit

What to do in Luxor

Luxor is famous for its ancient Egyptian sightseeing and beautiful pharaohs’ tombs. You can spend days exploring Valley of the Kings or Valley of the Queens. At night a good practice is to walk in the city, visit beautifully lit up Luxor Temple or watch Sound & Light show at Karnak Temple.

Things to do in Luxor at night

Luxor at night becomes a very beautiful city full of life. The main night attraction of Luxor is situated in the middle of the city right in front of corniche of the Nile. Walk inside lit up Luxor Temple and then follow the sphinx avenue to reach Karnak Temple where you can watch Sound & Light show.

Luxor itinerary

One of the most popular Luxor itinerary is an overnight stay with morning Hot-Air balloon ride over Luxor’s valleys and temples. Explore Valley of the Kings with king Tut tomb, visit queen Hatshepsut temple and Memnon Colossi, discover Karnak Temples. At night walk along oriental bazaars and local markets. In the early morning on sunrise over Luxor take the most exciting trip of your life hot-air balloon ride.

How many days in Luxor

Luxor is a unique city full of ancient Egyptian sights, since ancient times it was named a city of million temples. How many days to spend in Luxor depends on what you want to see first, how many days you can allow to explore the city and what are you interested in more. If you want to explore just temples one day tour may be enough, if you are eager to discover tombs in the Valley of the Kings and Valley of queens then 2-3 days may be needed.

Karnak temple

Karnak Temple is one of the main city’s attractions. Millions of tourists visit this temple every day. Karnak Temple is not just a temple, inside its premises you will easily find other smaller, but not less known, temples. Open air museum with its beautiful and unique chapels has recently been added to the exposition inside the Karnak complex.

Luxor temple hours

Luxor Temple is one of a few temples in Luxor that opens in the early morning at 6 am and remains opened until late night when it is beautifully lit up.

Good to know
  1. Egyptian visa is required for your Luxor holidays, tours and excursions. Visa can be obtained upon arrival in Luxor airport, it costs 25$. You get visa for every passport even if you have a new born baby.
  2. Always take a bottle of water with you while on a tour in Luxor.
  3. Always take documents with you while in a tour in Luxor: passport, id card.
  4. It is cold and windy in Luxor in winter in early hours, while extremely hot in spring and summer, dress accordingly for your day tours and excursions.
  5. Egyptian pound is the main country currency. Other currencies like US dollars, Euros and British sterling pounds are accepted in touristic areas, bazaars and local markets.
  6. Luxor is safe to travel to and to move around the city on your own.
  7. Taxi services are not well developed in Luxor, instead you can take a horse-drawn carriage to show you around, bargain before getting on.
  8. Friday is official day of in Egypt. All public places close during Friday pray.
  9. Touristic sights in Luxor work every day without holidays and public days off. Temples open mainly from 06:00 am to 16:00 pm , museums until 8:00 pm.
  10. The best evening activity in Luxor is Karnak sound & Light show tour.
  11. Luxor temple in the evening as well, it is open and very beautifully lit up.