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Tavern bar in Naama bay area

The Tavern Bar

The Tavern Bar at Naama Bay is the original and still the best British bar in Sharm el Sheikh. Unleashed in July 2003 it quickly became the place for ex-pat locals and holiday makers alike.

Sharm el Sheikh Grand Casino

Sinai Grand Casino

Las Vegas style casino with over 200 modern slots machines ranging from just only 01 Euro/Cent per bet all the way to 05 Euros per play. Casino welcomes its guests every night with different entertainment programs and delicious cuisine.

Casino Royale at Naama bay

Casino Royale

Casino Royale has a warm and welcoming character, and offers its guests exciting gaming in a relaxed club-like atmosphere. Gaming enthusiasts can choose between slot machines or a range of table gambles available.

Hard Rock cafe in Naama bay

Hard Rock Cafe

One of the oldest but still popular places in Naama bay is a world known Hard Rock cafe. Situated in the heat of Sharm el Sheikh, the venue attracts lots of tourists and locals to experience unique atmosphere and dine in style.

Roof terrace of Camel Bar Naama bay

Camel Terrace Bar

One of the most famous bars in Sharm El Sheikh is situated in the heat of Naama bay and offers its visitors three bars with different facilities: The Camel Sports Bar, Terrace bar and The Roof bar.

Night club Space

Space Sharm el Sheikh

Space NIght Club Program
Escape - every Sunday
Ibiza sessions - every Monday
Bounce - every Wednesday
Terrace - every Friday
Urban Knights - every Saturday
Payment options Cash only

Little Buddha lounge in Naama bay

Little Buddha Restaurant

Little Buddha Sharm el Sheikh is a popular evening restaurant and nightclub with variety of Asian cuisine and sushi lounge popular between locals and tourists alike.

Abu Simble temple show.

Sound & Light shows in Egypt

Sound & Light shows in Egypt can be watched in the evening at major historical places. The most famous one is at the Pyramids in Giza, but the most spectacular one will lead you through the history of Thebes in Karnak temple.


Camel race in Sharm el Sheikh

Safari in Sharm El Sheikh

Before you go to Sharm El Sheikh, here's a look at 10 of the best Desert safari trips with travel tips chosen by the Egyptian travel experts

Red Sea Snorkeling excursions

Water Activities in Sharm el Sheikh

There are a large number of sports that involve water such as windsurfing or water skiing, parasailing and tubing. Some are called surface, for example windsurfing is a typical

Moses Pool near Sharm el Sheikh.

Therapeutic tourism in Egypt

There are many places in Egypt where you can experience therapeutic treatment and enjoy its healing effects. Moses Pool near Sharm el Sheikh or Hammam Pharaoh at Ayoun Moosa are the best places on Sinai for therapeutic purposes.

Egyptian vulture.

Birds watching

Egypt is a famous place to watch birds. 470 bird species have been recorded in the country. Only here you can find Raven and Shrike, Warbler and Chiffchaff, Wheatear, Pipit, Bulbul, Gull, Oriole, Lark, Grouse, Robin, Tern, Sunbird, Curlew, Coot, Courser, Osprey, Wagtail, Partridge, Chucker, Hoopoe, Martin and more.

On the way to Botanical garden.

Aswan Botanical Garden

Botanical garden in Aswan is one of the oldest gardens in the world. It includes a group of tropical and subtropical plants and is considered to be one of the most important research centers in Egypt.

Behind The High Dam.

High Dam at Aswan

Here is the history of construction an old Aswan dam and then a modern High Dam which caused the appearance of the largest human made lake and disappearance of a very unique Nubian culture with its visual heritage.