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Pyramids of Egypt: Tours, Tips, Tourists attractions, tickets and guide


Two pyramids of Giza.

The Great Pyramid

Let's know more about the great pyramid of Giza, its history and facts, how it was constructed and who initiated the process. Let's discover what is inside the great pyramid of Egypt, where its entrance, how it looks inside: its chambers, corridors and tombs. Visit the Great Pyramid of Cheops yourself and discover its mysteries.

Overview of Step Pyramid in 2016.

Step Pyramid

The Step Pyramid of King Djoser is dominating the horizon at Saqqara. It is the first pyramid in the history and the earliest stone building erected in Egypt. The pyramid is surrounded by a funerary complex with a limestone enclosure. Let's know more about its location, history of building and discovery, some interesting facts and what it hides inside.

Pyramid of Unas at Saqqara

Pyramid of Unas

The pyramid of Unas is famous for its pyramids text the first one to be found in a pyramid. Know more about these unique findings, about it causeway, history of constructions and facts about the pyramid, which is situated in Saqqara. The original height of the pyramid was 43 m, and belongs to 5th dynasty king, dating back to 2385-2355 BC.

Bent Pyramid at Dahshur

Bent Pyramid Dahshur

Explore the Bent Pyramid of Sneferu, know more about it location, interior and interesting facts. Discover its history and ways of constructions, the height of the Bent Pyramid and its angels. See what is hidden inside and how to reach the pyramid from Cairo.

Red Pyramid at Dashur

Red Pyramid Dahshur

Dahshur area is famous for its pyramids, one of them is the Red Pyramid, it is fully accessible so you can easily get inside it and discover its passages and causeways. But before going there let's get to know more facts about its history, ways of constructions, its name and interiors.

Meidum Pyramid

Meidum Pyramid

Meidum archeological site is situated not far from Cairo, so it is easily reachable. Only here you can see one of the strangest pyramids ever built in Egypt. It is not even a pyramid, but one of the first attempts to build it.

Pepi I pyramid in Saqqara

Pyramid of Pepi I

Excursion to Pepi I pyramid in Saqqara will let you discover many interesting pharaonic sites, ancient tombs and different pyramids situated in the area.

Sekhemkhet pyramid

Buried Pyramid

Let's discover a Buried Pyramid of Sekhemkhet simple known as Sekhemkhet pyramid, which is situated at Saqqara archaeological site with many other pharaonic pyramids and temples to explore.

Pyramid of Teti

Teti Pyramid

This pyramid is situated in Saqqara and usually ignored by tourists. But let's know more about its history, how it was constructed and what we will find inside the pyramid. A really big surprise is waiting for everyone entering the pyramid.

Pyramid of Userkaf

Userkaf pyramid

Let's know more about King Userkaf pyramid and his pyramid complex, which is situated in Saqqara. Some facts, history of construction and dates of discovery. Who built it, why and how. All you need to know about Userkaf pyramid complex before going there.