Egypt tourists attractions travel guide

Travel guide to cities in Egypt, its attractions and things to do. Sightseeing in Cairo and Alexandria, historical sights and monuments of Luxor and Aswan, Red Sea resorts and Egypt nightlife. Best places to visit while holidaying in Egypt.

Islamic Cairo

Bab al-Futuh.

Islamic sightseeing in Cairo: description, history | Travel Guide to Historic Cairo

Islamic Cairo guide is an introduction to the famous street of Historic Cairo, known as al-Muiz street. This pedestrian street is full of Islamic monuments of different eras: beautiful mosques, sabils and kuttabs, houses and khankas.
Bab al-Qula in the Citadel

Saladin citadel: description, history, facts | Cairo Citadel and its surroundings

Let's discover one of the most attractive site of Cairo, Mountain Citadel of Saladin, its towers and palaces, museums and hidden mosques. Area under the fortress is full of historical monuments and interesting places to visit.
Citadel of Cairo square

Guide to Citadel square: its sites, description, facts, photo | Sultan Hassan Mosque, al-Refi'a mosque, Bab al-Azab

Many ancient monuments, mosques and palaces are situated around the Citadel. Long ago it was the heat of Cairo with lush gardens and beautiful buildings, but even now you still can see the grandeux of the area. Take a tour around Citadel and the area to discover its past glory.
Inside the Manial palace

Roda Island tour in Cairo | Excursion to Roda island

Amazing excursion to the Island of Roda, situated in the heat of Cairo and hiding many gems of the city. Beautiful Nilometer and ancient aqueduct, Mohammed Ali palaces and a famous hospital, are all situated on this small island.

Cairo Sights To See

Statue of Ramses II in ancient Memphis

Ancient sights and landmarks to see in Cairo

Top best ancient sights and landmarks you can see in Cairo, Giza, Saqqara, the Pyramids, Sphinx
Gardens of Mit Rahina village today

Ancient Memphis Egypt facts photos description

Ancient Memphis city, Mit Rahina monuments, statue of Ramses II
Pyramidalion of the Red Pyramid

Dahshur pyramids facts, discription, location

Dahshur Red and Bent Pyramids, when to visit and how to explore the sight.


Step Pyramid in Saqqara

Excursion to Saqqara Pyramids

Saqqara Pyramids excursion is designed for those who like to be off the bitten track, who want to explore more and discover the mysteries of Ancient Pharaonic Civilization. Only in this tour you will visit almost unknown pyramids of Unas and Userkaf, Teti and Pepi I.
Step pyramid of king Djoser

Saqqara sightseeing guide: history, description, photos | Description of tombs pyramids of Saqqara

Know more about Saqqara, its famous Step pyramid of King Djoser, Pyramid of Unas and other less known pyramids in the area. Discover Kings and Nobles Tombs of Saqqara necropolis plus its unique Serapeum tomb which will reveal you his ancient secrets.
Tomb of Kajemni at Saqqara Egypt

New Kingdom tombs of Saqqara: description, facts, discovery | Guide to Saqqara New Kingdom Tombs

Saqqara is famous for its numerous private tombs of high officials of 5th & 6th dynasties. Now in Saqqara necropolis 6 New Kingdom tombs are open to public after many years of restoration. Do not miss the chance to visit these beautiful tombs of High Officials and Priests.

Sharm El Sheikh

Covid-2019 precautions in Egypt's airport, Sharm el Sheikh

COVID-19 Egypt Travel advice

All that you need to know about Egypt COVID-19 Travel advice before visiting Egypt: safety measurements, tours and excursions arrangements, rules in the hotels, swimming pools and beaches.
Excursion to Cairo from Sharm El Sheikh by plane

Top Day Trips Excursions from Sharm El Sheikh | Prices 2022

Top Day Trips Excursions from Sharm El Sheikh are Tour to Cairo, Jerusalem by bus, Petra excursion, Mount Sinai, White Island Ras Mohammed snorkeling tour, Tiran Island Snorkeling
Local bus in Sharm El Sheikh

Public Transportation Prices in Sharm El Sheikh

If you want to have a different experience and discover how to save money as you travel around Sharm El Sheikh, you can you use the public transportation, Everything you need to know about Sharm El Sheikh public transport prices.

Snorkelling equipment in Sharm El Sheikh | hire, buy, shop

Where you can hire or buy Snorkeling equipment in Sharm El Sheikh the cheapest Diving Snorkeling Shops in Sharm El Sheikh, it costs between 50 and 100 LE per piece.
Underwater world of the Red Sea

Sharm El Sheikh Snorkelling guide | Best places to snorkel in Sharm El Sheikh

Best places to snorkel in Sharm El Sheikh: Ras Mohammed, Tiran island, White island
Sharm el Sheikh hotel.

Sharm el Sheikh Travel Guide | Guide to Sharm El Sheikh City

Sharm el Sheikh city guide to all things you need to know about sharm el sheikh, will lead you through the most popular Red Sea attractions, including its protectorates and marine parks. You will know the history of the city, its sightseeing and daily activities, recreational opportunities it has to offer and night entertainments.
Terrace and Roof at Camel Bar

Sharm El Sheikh Nightlife | Top Bars Pubs Nightclubs Discos Casinos

Your guide to Sharm el Sheikh nightlife, its nightclubs and casinos, most popular bars and pubs, evening entertainments and beach parties.
Naama bay limousine transfers

Transfers to Naama bay

Naama bay private limousine transfers from Sharm el Sheikh Airport or sea port, any hotel, resort or compound in Sharm el Sheikh. Hassle free private taxis from Nabq, Sharks bay, Soho square or Ras Um el-Sid and Tower to Naama bay hotels and resorts. How to go to Naama bay from any Sharm el Sheikh resort using private limo service.
Transfers to Sharks bay

Transfer to Sharks bay

Limousine service in Sharm El Sheikh, private taxi from Nabq bay to Soho square, transfers from Sharm el Sheikh airport and sea port, Nabq bay or Naama bay to Sharks bay resorts and hotels, Soho entertainment area and car services in the city.
Private transfers in Sharm el Sheikh

Airport transfers to Sharks bay from Sharm El Sheikh airport

Book your private taxi transfer from Sharm El Sheikh airport to any hotel or resort in Sharks bay, transfers to Hilton Sharks bay, Savoy and more.
Private transfers in Sharm el Sheikh

Limousine Service in Sharm El Sheikh

Limousine Transfers and Private Transfers from Sharm El Sheikh Airport or Sea Port to any Sharm resort, hotel, private compounds and villas. Limo hire in Sharm El Sheikh will let you easily move around the city.
Private taxi transfers in Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh Hotel Transfers

Private limousine transfers from any Sharm el Sheikh hotel, resort or compound to hotels and resorts in Naama bay and Nabq bay, to Sharks bay and Ras Um el-Sid hill in Hadoba, to Tower or Merkato areas.


Qait Bait fortress in Alexandria

Alexandria Sightseeing | Guide to the ancient monuments in Alexandria

Alexandria city of Egypt will help you discover Roman and Greek monuments, Islamic culture of the city, famous sites including catacombs and Qait-Bay fort. You will discover more historical facts and vanished monuments on a tour around this beautiful and most European city of Egypt.
Alexandria National museum is a former Bassili Pasha palace

Alexandria in 19th century: history, sights, photo, facts

Alexandria sites to visit: Ras Al–Teen palace, Palace of Fatma Zahra, Assad Bassili Pasha palace, Montazha palace, Antoniadis palace and gardens.

Activities In Egypt

The archaeological site of Kom-Oshim

Fayoum Top places to visit

Fayoum Top places to visit include Kom Oshim Museum and City of Karanis, Bani Karanis old Roman bath and Qasr Karun Temple,Madinat Madi and even pyramids.
Beach lovers holidays in Egypt

Egypt activities diverse guide | What to do in Egypt complete travel guide

What to do in Egypt complete travel and activities guide
Camel trips in Egypt

Camel Rides Tours in Egypt

Camel rides tours every where in Egypt, camel riding experiences in Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada, at the Pyramids, Dahab
Snorkeling in the Red sea all year round.

Egypt climate: monthly weather, temperatures | Sharm el Sheikh weather and temperatures during the year

Climate of Egypt, its characteristics and seasonal features. Weather & temperatures during the year in different parts of the country. Sharm el Sheikh weather during the year & its monthly temperatures and features.
At Abu Galum protectorate.

Sinai peninsula guide

Meeting point of continents and dividing line between seas to the casual eye it is mountainous, arid and forbidding. The peninsula is often described as “24,000 square miles of nothing” but it is actually the gateway from Africa to Asia, the bridge between Mediterranean and the Red Sea.
Rock in the old White desert.

Egypt Western desert: Siwa, Bahariya, Farafra Oasis | Ecotourism in Egypt

95% of Egypt is covered by a beautiful desert where oases such as Siwas, Faioum, Baharia, Kharga, Dahla and Farafra are the gems and the most attractive places to visit. A wast White Desert with its sands and rock formations is a perfect place for winter desert safari.
Sharm Club Travel agent office from outside

Travel Agencies in Egypt | Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada and Cairo

How to Pick The Right Travel Agent for Safe Egypt Travel and how to check travel agent license and reputation and where to find a travel agent in Egypt
Ras Mohammed Diving trips

Recreational excursions, therapeutic and eco-tourism in Egypt

Recreational excursions therapeutic tours in Egypt: water-sports, SPA treatments, hot-springs tours, birds watching activities and desert safaris.


Khan El Khalili Bazaar at Cairo

Top Things To Do at Night in Cairo | Night Tours and Activities

Night Tours in Cairo: Khan el-Khalili Bazaar, Al Moez Street, Sufi whirling, Cairo Tower, The Egyptian museums, Felucca ride, Egyptian Bands concerts, Nile Dinner Cruise and Show, Pyramids Sound and Light Show
Sweet Potatoes vendors

Best Street Food in Cairo Egypt

Best Street Food in Cairo Egypt: Grilled Sweet Potatoes Grilled Corn Lupini beans Prickly pear Nuts shops Egyptian street sweets Chickpeas Bagal House Sparrow Juice Stands Groundcherry
Pharaonic village in Giza Egypt

Top 10 Things to Do in Cairo with Kids - Family Friendly

The top kids-friendly attractions in Cairo are 1. Pharaonic Village 2. Child Museum 3. Balloon Theatre 4. Egypt National Circus 5. KidZania Cairo 6. Fagnoon Art School 7. Cairo Puppet Theater 8. Giza Zoo 9. Suzanne Mubarak Science Exploratory Center
The Pyramid of Cheops

How to see Cairo in 3 days?

How to see Cairo's most important and fascinating attractions in 3 days: The Pyramids of Giza, Cairo Citadel of Saladin, the Sphinx and Khan el-Khalili bazaar.
Excursion to the Pyramids and Sphinx

Things to do in Cairo in one day

Cairo one day itineraries, how many days to spend in Cairo and what is Cairo famous for. Itineraries for 1st time visitors to Cairo and authentic roots seekers.
Coptic Museum.

Coptic sightseeing in Cairo | Travel Guide to Coptic Cairo

Coptic Cairo is an area where on a small piece of land we find a huge concentration of christian monuments, including Jewish Synagogue of Ben Ezra, remains of the ancient fort known as Babylon, famous Hanging church and a unique Coptic Museum dedicated to this almost vanished culture.


Excursion around Aswan's islands.

Aswan city guide

Aswan is a winter resort full of ancient pharaonic monuments and ancient Egyptian sights such as Abu Simble temples, Isis temple on Philae island, Unfinished obelisk and numerous Pharaos tombs. High dam with its beautiful memorial, the hugest man-made Naser lake is also situated here.
Mausoleum of Aga Khan at Aswan

Top 5 Exceptional Things to Do in Aswan | Special Interest Tourism in Aswan

Endless options to choose from a range of things to do in Aswan are not limited to Museums, tombs and temples exploration. Here are 5 selected things to do while you are in Aswan for special interest tourism


Travelling to Luxor by Egyptair

How to get from Luxor to Cairo 7 ways

Best 7 ways to travel from Luxor to Cairo: train, private car, boat, bus, micro-bus
Luxor temple

East bank of Luxor city guide

East bank of Luxor is famous for its huge Temples of Karnak and a beautiful Luxor temple. Its Sphinx avenue once again connects these two temples like in the past. Two informative museums of Luxor, one of which is dedicated to the process of Mummification are also situated here.


Private beaches

The top 13 beaches in Hurghada

The top 13 beaches in Hurghada you can visit on your holiday in Egypt.
Boat trip to Giftun Island

Top Things To Do in Hurghada | Attractions and Activities

Giftun Island, Grand Aquarium Hurghada, The Sand Museum, Mini Egypt park, Quad Bikes Safari, Camel riding, Bedouin Dinner, Stargazing Night, Hurghada Marina, Abu Nuhas Shipwreck Sites, Gota Abu Ramada, Straits of Gubal, Sindbad Submarine, Beaches
City of Hurghada, Red Sea

Hurghada guide

Guide to touristic destination Hurghada, its beaches, areas and places of interest.

Experience Egypt

Nile cruise holiday packages

Nile cruise recommendations and tips

Check out our Nile cruise recommendations and plan your dream getaway, memorable and relaxing Nile cruise vacation. Our Nile cruise recommendations and tips will help you discover ancient wonders, stunning landscapes, and luxurious amenities on board.