Top Tours to Luxor from Cairo with a private guide

Day tours and excursion from Cairo to Luxor with a private English speaking guide let you discover the Ancient Egyptian civilization at your own pace. Multiple temples to visit and tombs to discover, Luxor city welcomes its guests to the most outstanding open-air museum in the world. Do not miss the chance to book your day trip to Luxor either by air or night sleeper train and discover the Pharaonic civilization at its best.

Queen Hatshepsut temple at Deir el-Bahari

Day tour to Luxor from Cairo by plane

Available Every day
Pick up 08:00 AM
Duration 13 Hours

price £95

Balloon rides in Luxor

Luxor Hot Air Balloon excursion from Cairo

Available Every day
Pick up 19:00 PM
Duration 3 Days

price £205

Inside Luxor temple

Cairo to Luxor 2 day tour | Trip from Cairo to Luxor

Available Every day
Pick up 19:00 PM
Duration 2 Days

price £198

Karnak temple Great Hypostyle Hall

Three day tour to Luxor from Cairo

Available Every day
Pick up 05:00 AM
Duration 3 Days

price £474

Abu Simbel private tour

Abu Simbel Luxor 2 day tour from Cairo

Available Every day
Pick up 04:00 AM
Duration 2 Days

price £435

Best tours to Luxor from Cairo

Good to know

  1. It is recommended to take the earliest flight available from Cairo to Luxor to explore as many sites as possible and avoid heat.
  2. The best itinerary for Luxor is a 3 day tour to explore West and East banks of the Nile while enjoying other activities.
  3. Luxor temple opens at 6 am and works until late night.
  4. Avenue of Sphinxes is now open to public. You can walk it either from Luxor to Karnak temple or vice-versa. The distance around 4,5 km.
  5. You can do Sound & Light show at Karnak temple in the evening.
  6. Hot Air Balloon Luxor flight over the valleys of the city can be experienced in an early morning in case you stay overnight in the city. Three different times are available in the morning, but the most spectacular one is no doubt at a dawn.


How far is Luxor from Cairo?

The distance between Cairo and Luxor is about 660 km.

How can I go to Luxor from Cairo?

There are several ways to go to Luxor from Cairo: by plane, by night sleeper train or by a public bus.

Is night sleeper train to Luxor good?

Yes, it is a modern comfortable train with all conditions and a private toilet in each cabin. It serves dinner and breakfast.

Can I do hot-air balloon in Luxor?

Yes, you can do this activity in the early morning. It has several appointments in the morning, so you can choose the one that suites you best.

How many days do I need in Luxor?

A stay of minimum of two days is advised for your Luxor holiday to cover the main sights and do some optional activities.

Published: 25 May 2023 Last update: 25 May 2023