The 10 best Cairo Food Tours | Walking food tours in Cairo

Food Walking tours in Cairo together with Foodie Holidays is a great way to discover real Egypt. On our Cairo food tours, you won’t get a touristy version of Cairo food. We connect you with Cairo City on a deeper level, by tasting and learning about the food that locals and most residents eat and are proud to share. Your experience will not be limited to tasting food only, along the way, you will also learn how street food operates, how to order and how to spot the best stands. And of course you’ll meet some of the cooks who prepare this food on a daily basis right in front of your eyes. On all our Egyptian food tours and holiday packages we offer not only foodies experience but also local sightseeing discoveries. See the city with our local guide and experience Cairo’s history, culture, architecture, and breathtaking scenery! The pyramids and Sphinx are not to be missed even if you are into food only! If you want a tour that combines food, culture, and drinks than our selection of Cairo Food Walking Tours for Food Lovers is not to be missed!

Egyptian food tours and holidays

We offer not only Cairo food Walking tours or Holidays for foodies and Gastronomic holidays for authentic food lovers but we combine our tour packages with historical sights visits, walking tours in the city and cultural vacations. Our Food & Drink Holidays, Food & Drink Tours, Food & Drink Trips will introduce you to Egyptian cuisine, Egyptian food and drinks, Egyptian eating habits and traditions. The most common and delicious desserts of the country. Egyptians like to eat and they know how to eat and where to eat, that’s why streets of Cairo are full of all kinds of local foods from the early morning when freshly baked breads and pastry will attract your attention by its characteristic smell to the late night, when Egyptians usually eat their main course.

Traditional Egyptian food

Cairo food tour with Pyramids visit | Food tours in Egypt

Available Every day
Pick up Pick up: 08:00 AM
Duration 13 Hours

price £158

Plate of Egyptian mixed grill

Egypt Gastronomy Tour 7 days | Culinary holidays in Egypt

Available Every day
Pick up Pick up: 07:00 AM
Duration 7 Days

price £632

Gandofali or Egyptian shrimps

Food Tour to Cairo and Alexandria | Foodie Cairo holiday

Available Every day
Pick up Pick up: 06:00 AM
Duration 2 Days

price £316

Cairo food Walking Tours

Let’s learn about Cairo’s most famous street foods and try some of the city’s most beloved foods, including freshly cooked sandwiches of beans and tamy’a (falafel), sandwiches of liver and shrimps, koshary and fatir, pickled vegetables known as Mahalil’ and of course fresh juices, the most loved one is sugar cane ! All that you need is a good appetite. Be ready for your Cairo food tour and Gastronomy break food holiday in Egypt. You’re about to connect with real Cairo City in an entirely new way.

Experience a foodie adventure of Cairo on our Guided Egyptian Food tours, Egyptian food and drinks tours. Experience delicious and unique foods and drinks while also filling your appetite with the juicy history of the town. Suitable for all fitness levels.

All of the tours combine elements of a historical trivia tour with a culinary adventure! The food on your tour will be organized in a logical, progressive manner, working in concert with our local guides to choose an array of dishes which provide insight into Egyptian cuisine. On each tour, you will not only have an opportunity to sample some of Cairo’s finest food offerings, but also watch chefs preparing your food for you.

Egyptian traditional breakfast preparation

Cairo street food walking tour

Available Every day
Pick up Pick up: 07:00 AM
Duration 11 Hours

price £119

Atayef with cream

Cairo food tour: Egyptian sweets and Oriental desserts

Available Every day
Pick up Pick up: 07:00 AM
Duration 11 Hours

price £55

Fresh juice shop

Pyramids tour and Egyptian drinks tasting | Cairo food tours

Available Every day
Pick up Pick up: 08:00 AM
Duration 6 Hours

price £79

Good to know

  1. It is safe to eat in Cairo streets.
  2. Order a bottle of mineral water in local restaurants, as a rule tube water in a jar is served.
  3. Choose famous local chain restaurants to eat in: Felfela, Gad.
  4. How to choose a place to eat in Cairo: more crowed the place you want to eat, the better food their.
  5. Avoid touristic restaurants if you want to taste real Egyptian food.
  6. If you eat inside a restaurant/cafe, remember that prices in menu exclude 15% service tax, it will be added to your final bill.
  7. Fresh bakery products can be purchased in the streets of Cairo in the early mornings when people go to work, before 8 am.
  8. On Fridays do not expect restaurants and cafe-shops to be opened before 1 pm. During Ramadan majority of restaurants start to operate 2-3 hours before the sunset.
  9. Egyptians eat until late night, so it is common to visit a restaurant after 10 pm.
  10. Fresh juices stalls are a local tradition. Do not hesitate to taste mango or strawberry juice, sugar cane or fruit salad at such stalls, it is absolutely safe.
Published: 01 Nov 2020 Last update: 01 Nov 2020