Pilgrimage to Egypt for Christians | Egypt Christian tours

Egypt is a well established spiritual destination. Pilgrims from all over the world come here in search for blessing, spiritual transformation and visiting holy places. For Christian Pilgrims Egypt is one of the most attractive destination, second to Jerusalem as here the Holy Family was hiding itself during their flight to Egypt. Christian pilgrims to Egypt will enjoy many Biblical places, old testament spots as well as first monasteries and Holy churches together with the opportunity of seeing and touching the relics of many saints, including Saint Catherine and Saint Mark. Only in Egypt you can taste a living Coptic christian culture.

Pilgrimage tours from Sharm el Sheikh

Egypt is the place where monasticism was born, the country is rich in monasteries and is known for its monastic art. At the moment there are 33 monasteries in the country. You can take a one-day excursion to the famous monasteries of Egypt from Cairo, Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh: visit Saint Catherine and Wadi el Feiran monastery, Wady el-Natron near Cairo or White and Red monasteries in Sohag. Orthodox monasteries in Egypt are scattered throughout the country, from Aswan in the south to Wadi al-Natron in the north. Traveling back in time to the roots of one of the oldest Christian traditions in the world will allow you to touch the true faith.

Mount Sinai night excursion from Sharm el Sheikh

Mount Sinai Tour from Sharm El Sheikh

Duration: 7 Days
Pick up: 20:00 PM

price £24

Abu Serga church in old Cairo

Sinai Pilgrimage Tour with Alexandria

Duration: 7 Day
Pick up: 10:00 AM

price £648

Monastery of el-Muharraq

Full Holy Family Route in Egypt with Sinai visit

Duration: 11 Day
Pick up: 07:00 AM

price £810

Pilgrimage tours from Cairo

Pilgrimage tours to Egypt are designed for both advanced pilgrims and beginners who go on a pilgrimage to Egypt for the first time. A pilgrimage to Sinai, with a visit to the Monastery of St. Catherine and an ascent to Mount Sinai, can be the beginning to get acquainted with the main Orthodox Shrines of Egypt.

Anglican church of St Mark, Alexandria, Egypt.jpg

Christian Cairo + Alexandria 4 days

Duration: 4 Day
Pick up: 08:00 AM

price £405

Wady el-Natron monastery

Monasteries of Egypt Pilgrimage tour

Duration: 7 Day
Pick up: 08:00 AM

price £648

Mount Sinai tour from Cairo

Tour to Mount Sinai & St Catherine from Cairo

Duration: 2 Day
Pick up: 09:00 AM

price £122

Pilgrimage tours from Hurghada

A full-fledged pilgrimage tour of Egypt "In the footsteps of the Holy Family" is now available for all christian pilgrims approved by Papa Francisc. Shorter routes to visit the Orthodox Shrines of Egypt in Cairo, Alexandria, the Eastern Desert are available for those who are on a short break in Egypt.

Mosaic of the White monastery

Red and White monasteries tour

Duration: 13 Days
Pick up: 07:00 AM

price £122

Tour to Mount Sinai from Hurghada

Mount Sinai tour from Hurghada

Duration: 2 Day
Pick up: 08:00 AM

price £81

Published: 22 Nov 2021 Last update: 19 Jan 2022