Unas Pyramid Saqqara excursion from Cairo

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Duration 5.0 Hours
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  1. Saqqara
  2. Unas pyramid

Time Activity
07:00 Meet with the guide in your Cairo hotel
07:15 Transfer to Saqqara
08:00 Visit to Imhotep museum
10:00 Visit to Unas Pyramid
10:30 Tour inside the pyramid
12:00 Back to your hotel

Full Description

You have a great chance to visit a very unique pyramid, situated in Saqqara, where first Pyramids Texts were found. After very many years of restoration the pyramid is open to public and you can now enter inside and see the unique texts written on the walls of the pyramid.

The pyramid of Unas is famous for its vertical columns of hieroglyphic inscriptions known as the Pyramid texts, since it was the 1st pyramid in Egypt to have this text. The texts are the earliest and the least corrupted of the mortuary literature of ancient Egypt. These texts contain some 712 utterances. The texts consist of a collection of magical spells assembled in no fixed order. The purpose of these texts was to assure the king a happy afterlife.

The pyramid of Unas is of modest size and was already in ruins in 2000 BC when Ramses II had it restored on the site. Its original height was 43 m, 57.5 x 57.5 m at the base, belongs to 5th dynasty and dates back to 2385-2355 BC.

The entrance to the pyramid is in the center of its northern façade. The inner chambers of the pyramid are perfectly intact. The burial chamber has a long basalt sarcophagus and the ceiling of this chamber consists of 2 huge inclined limestone slabs decorated with a multitude of stars symbolizing the vault of heaven.

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  • Transfer from your Cairo hotel
  • Entrance fee to Saqqara complex
  • Entrance into the pyramid
  • English speaking guide extra 20$
  • Entrance fees into paid tombs

What to take with you
  • Bottle of water
  • Extra cash

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