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Sharm El Sheikh Airport Transfers to Dahab

Sharm El Sheikh Airport Transfers to Dahab

Travel from Sharm El Sheikh to Dahab

Travel from Sharm El Sheikh to Dahab, transfers from Sharm El Sheikh to Dahab costs only 13 GBP per person in a private car, we will drive you in a comfortably to your hotels.

Distance between Dahab and Sharm El Sheikh

Book online Airport from Sharm El Sheikh to Dahab, The distance between Sharm El Sheikh Airport (SSH) and Dahab is 90 KM, it takes about 1 hour drive. it costs 15 GBP per person in a private transfer from Sharm El Sheikh to Dahab.

Dahab meaning

Dahab means Gold that’s why the city is famous for its golden beaches and amazing sites of diving, like Abu Galum and the Blu hole. Dahab is known as the cheapest of the tourist resorts and aims to attract youth and water-sports lovers. One of the best sports to practice here in winter at the lagoon is Kite and Wind surfing. As the wind is really strong in Dahab for most time of the year the city became an ideal spot for wind and kite surfers.

Most important areas of Dahab

Dahab city consists of some areas including natural protectorates and diving sites. Canyon Road leads to a world known diving spot Blu Hole in Abu Galum protectorate . Alaslh area is home to nearly 75% of the population of the city. Masbat area is the main tourist business area in Dahab which leads to Fanar Street where we will find large shops, dive clubs and cafeterias , camps and hotels. Laguna area is one of the best spot in the city and the main attraction for most of residents and tourists. Only here you will find clear sandy beaches not deep to swim with children and at the same time a wide open sea in front of you to dive.

Taxi from Sharm El Sheikh to Dahab

There are many ways of Transportation to Dahab you can take, Taxi from Sharm El Sheikh to Dahab is available most of times, can agree with taxi cabs upon arrival at Sharm El Sheikh airport, but it is a bit expensive and you have to bargain to get it, the better way just to go outside of the airport and get one from there. Again you need to bargain to get good rate.

Sharm El Sheikh to Dahab bus

Local buses to Dahab are also available in Sharm El Sheikh, you can arrange to book online Sharm El Sheikh to Dahab bus at 06.00 am arrives Dahab at 07.00 am, at 01:00 pm arrives Dahab at 02.00 pm and at 06.00 pm arrives Dahab at 07.00 pm every day.

Book online Transfer from Sharm El Sheikh Airport to these hotels in Dahab

You can also book taxi from Sharm to Dhab online, here is a list of hotels in Dahab where we do taxi pick up:
Red Sea Relax Resort Dahab
Dahab Paradise
Jaz Dahabeya
Tropitel Dahab Oasis
Le Meridien Dahab Resort
Ecotel Dahab
Bay View Resort
The Bedouin Moon Hotel
Coral Coast Hotel
Acacia Dahab Hotel
Swiss Inn Resort Dahab
Seven Heaven Hotel Dahab
Lagona Dahab Village
Ganet Sinai Resort
Dyarna Dahab Hotel
4S Hotel Dahab
Planet Oasis Resort Dahab
Nesima Resort
Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort
Daneila Diving Resort Dahab
Happy Life Village
Dahab Paradise Hotel and Resort
Octopus Hotel in Dahab
Blue Beach Club
La Reine Dahab Hotel
Dahab Hotel
Tirana Dahab Resort
Ibis Styles Lagoon
Dahab Plaza Hotel

Date: 2019-02-05
Updated: 2019-08-02


No, there is no airport in Dahab, the nearest airport to Dahab city is Sharm El Sheikh international Airport which is about 95 KM far from Dahab.

Date 16 July 2019

Transfer from Sharm El Sheikh Airport SSH to Dahab is better to arrange before hand as it will be cheaper then to bargain with taxi drivers upon arrival and not many will actually agree to go that far away. Our Taxi from Sharm El Sheikh to Dahab offers fast, reliable and only private transfers to Dahab city and its distant areas like Happy Life on comfortable, air-conditioned vans.

Date 16 July 2019

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Sharm El Sheikh Airport Transfers to Dahab reviews

We went from Dahab to the airport for 40 GBP with this company, the driver came before time, he nice and friendly, car was New, clean and had AC. We booked the service online while we were in Dahab as we did not want to strugle with taxi drivers as we did on arrival. Thank Sharm Club for such excellent service

PalmerReviewed 13 June 2019

We booked the transfers from Sharm airport to Dahab online after contacting Sharm Club as they advised us to book on advance due to some license. Our driver Alex was waiting when we arrvied, he was really nice and friendly, gave us some water, juices and bonbon one they way, I would recommended to every one.

JackyReviewed 05 May 2019