Public Transportation Prices in Sharm El Sheikh

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Public Transportation Prices in Sharm El Sheikh

When you go on a trip to Sharm El Sheikh and if you decided to use the public transport in the city, here all what you need to know before go into this experience.

Sharm El Sheikh is divided into 6 neighbourhoods or areas, they are:
1. Plateau of Um El Sid known as Hadaba it is residential which considered to be the most populated are in city.
2. Old market the oldest area of the city.
3. Hay El Nour district is considered the residential area of the city where workers live.
4. ​​Naama Bay where the tourist hotels and markets.
5. Sharks bay where Sharm El Sheikh airport is located.
6. ​​Nabq Bay or known in the city by Ghargana and along the way there are many hotels and resorts.
7. Ruwaisat .

The network of minibuses in Sharm El Sheikh covers most of the mentioned areas and starts all from the old market area and ranges from 2 to 5 Egyptian Pounds maximum. As for the micro-bus routes in the city, there is a micro-bus that starts from the old market to the area of ​​Al Hadaba and the famous places by the local council of the city and the city police department, and another is also starting from the market leading to the Gulf of Nehama and the famous Mimmer Bay Delta Sharm line and the light district and Sharm el-Sheikh International Hospital and each of them One pound for any station on the line, and the third line, which passes through the same stations of the line of grace but the reward of the highest 3 pounds and then complete after grace and passes through the airport to the city of Nabq (Gharqana) can ask the driver of the minibus connect you to any special entrances such as Savoy Sharm El Sheikh Hotels or Hotels The distance from the main road is paid for no more than 5 pounds.

The last line in Sharm connects the El Noor neighbourhood with the Ruwaisat (bus stop). As for the transport lines outside the city, there is only one line linking Sharm to the capital city of Al-Tur and its 10 The other means of transportation in Sharm El Sheikh are the Sharm El-Sheikh Taxi and the official prices of the city 5 pounds to open the counter and the extra pounds for 5 pounds, but most taxi drivers prefer to agree on the price of one trip and does not use the meter.

If you want to have a different experience and discover how to save money as you travel around Sharm El Sheikh, you can you use the public transportation, Everything you need to know about Sharm El Sheikh public transport prices.

The taxi tariff within the city of Sharm el-Sheikh is as follows:

1. From the old market to Naama bay, 2 Egyptian pounds.
2. From the old market of Nabq bay area 5 Egyptian pounds.
3. From the old market of Sharks bay 4 Egyptian pounds.
4. From the old market of El montazah bay 4 Egyptian pounds.
5. From the old market of El Salam park 5 Egyptian pounds.
6. From the old market to Hadabet Um El Sid area 2 Egyptian Pounds.
7. From the old market to El Ruwaisat 5 Egyptian Pounds.
8. From the old market to Wadi Mandar 10 Egyptian pounds.
9. From the old market to Mobil to the new traffic 5 Egyptian pounds.
10. From the old market to El Nor district 2 Egyptian pounds.
11. From the old market to Delta Sharm 2 Egyptian pounds.
12. From the old market to Mobile El Ruwaisat 2 Egyptian pounds.
13. From the old market to Carrefour 2 Egyptian pounds.

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