Alexandria, Egypt 2 day tour of historical gems

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Two day tour of Alexandria, Egypt to visit the historical gems of Alexandria: Ancient Roman Theatre, Pompey's Pillar, Serapeum of Alexandria, Catacombs of Kom el-Shoqafa, Royal Jewellery Museum

Journey through the historical gems of Alexandria

Your adventure begins with a delightful morning meeting at the reception of your hotel, where your knowledgeable English-speaking guide awaits. Today's itinerary promises a captivating journey through the historical gems of Alexandria. The day kicks off with a visit to the awe-inspiring Ancient Roman Theatre, renowned for its intricate mosaics that whisper tales of ancient glory. Following this, delve into the rich history of Pompey's Pillar and the esteemed Serapeum of Alexandria, each site a testament to the city's illustrious past. The day culminates with an exploration of the hauntingly beautiful Catacombs of Kom el-Shoqafa, where the whispers of the past echo through labyrinthine passages. A well-deserved lunch at a local restaurant provides a moment of respite before embarking on an enriching excursion to the formidable Qaitbay citadel, a bastion of historical significance. As the day draws to a close, return to your hotel, your mind abuzz with the wonders of Alexandria.

A blend of cultural immersion and royal opulence

As the sun rises on the second day of your expedition, anticipate another enriching rendezvous with your English-speaking guide at the hotel's reception. Today's agenda promises a blend of cultural immersion and royal opulence. Begin your day with a visit to the newly reopened Greco-Roman Museum, a treasure trove of antiquities that unveils the splendor of bygone eras. The journey continues with a visit to the Royal Jewellery Museum, where dazzling gems narrate tales of regal grandeur. After indulging in a delectable lunch at a local eatery, set forth on a leisurely stroll through the verdant expanse of Montaza Royal Park. Here, amidst the tranquil surroundings, stands the magnificent Montaza Palace, a testament to Egypt's regal heritage. As evening approaches, bid adieu to the park's serene ambiance and return to your hotel, your heart brimming with memories of Alexandria's storied past.

  • Entrance fees to Roman amphitheater, Pompey's pillar, Kom al Shoqafa catacombs, Qait Baya fort
  • Greco-Roman Museum, Royal Jewels Museum, Montaza Park
  • Lunch at a local restaurant for 2 days
  • English speaking guide for 2 days
  • Transfers along the route
  • Drinks in the restaurants during lunch time
  • Any extras not mentioned in the program


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