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Cairo Alexandria Tour
Visit Cairo and Alexandria from Sharm El Sheikh

Tour Itinerary

Time Activity
05:00 am
06:00 am
07:30 am
09:00 am
12:00 am
13:00 pm
14:00 pm
17:00 pm
18:00 pm
19:30 pm
21:00 pm
21:30 pm
Pick up you from your Sharm el Sheikh hotel & transfer to the airport.
Catch your 50 minutes flight to Cairo.
Meet our guide and start your Cairo city tour.
Egyptian Museum of Antiquities visit.
Optional Nile boat ride.
Lunch in a local restaurant.
Giza plateau exploration. Famous pyramids, workers tombs and the Sphinx.
Optionally enter any of the 3 pyramids which will be open to public.
Papyrus fabric, perfume palace or cotton shop.
Optional activity of Sound & Light show at the Pyramids.
Transfer to the hotel.
Overnight in a cozy 4* hotel on BB basis.
07:00 am
09:30 am
11:00 am
12:00 pm
13:30 pm
14:30 pm
16:00 pm
20:00 pm
21:00 pm
In the morning transfer to Alexandria.
Visit of National Museum of Alexandria.
Visit of Kom el-Dekka: Pompay pillar and Roman theater.
Visit to Katakombs of Kom al-Shukafa.
Lunch in the city.
Visit to Qait Bay fort.
Transfer back to Cairo, to the airport.
Catch your flight back to Sharm el Sheikh.
Our representative will meet you and drive back to the hotel.

Cairo Alexandria Tour

Cairo & Alexandria cities

During this 2 days tour we will visit the biggest cities of Egypt Cairo & Alexandria, both of them are full with historical monuments and Ancient Egyptian sites. While Cairo is world known city for its Pyramids & Sphinx, Alexandria is less known but has not less to offer you as there are different sites there. Full of Greco-Roman and Late Islamic monuments Alexandria has a lot to offer and not to miss.

On the way to Alexandria

We do pick up from any hotel in Sharm el Sheikh.. Pick up from your hotel as per the time stated in your invoice and transfer by a/c van to Sharm el Sheikh International Airport. Flight to Cairo will take 50 minutes. Our English speaking guide will be waiting for you upon arrival outside the main arrival hall of Cairo airport with the sign "". From the airport we will go to Alexandria by fast Cairo-Alexandria desert road, so it will take up to 2,5 hours to reach the city. The distance between Cairo and Alexandria 220 km, so on the way you will enjoy with the views of the desert as well as different plants which farmers grow in the desert: banana, peaches and oranges, strawberries etc.

History of the city

Founded by Alexander the Great, ruled by Cleopatra and once rivaling Rome, the city has been a stage for eternal love stories, a shore for reunions and a port for departure. Alexandria is a showcase of Egypt's Pharaonic, Coptic and Islamic civilizations, a living symbol of interaction between these civilizations and the Greek and Roman civilizations. The charm, wisdom and passion of this city by the sea has inspired civilizations throughout history, and today more than 55 cities around the world bear the name of Alexandria but there is only one original, the one that we will visit.

Greco-Roman monuments

We will visit the only Roman amphitheatre in Egypt, dating back to the second century AD, discovered by chance in 1960 by Egyptian-polish expedition in Kom el-Dekka. Then move to Pompey pillar which was constructed in honour of Diocletian in 292 AD. Crusaders gave the name to this pillar "Pompey's" because they wrongly thought that the head of Pompey was buried on the top of the pillar. Originally this column was taken from a magnificent temple of Serapis. It's made of rose granite, has a Corinthian style capital and it was with its base 26,85 meters high.

Kom al Shukafa catacombs

Catacombs of Kom-al-Shukafa were discovered by chance in Karmoz aria in 1900 after 12 years of searching. The tomb dated back to the 1st or 2nd century and consists of 4 underground floors. The 1st and the 3rd floors are completely under the water. The most significant feature of this tomb is the existence of paintings on its walls that represent the overlap of three different kinds of art: Egyptian, Greek and Roman. Taking pictures inside the catacombs are not allowed.

National Museum of Alexandria

Lunch will be offered in a local restaurant. Then we will visit National Museum of Alexandria which is situated in the palace of Bassil Pasha, the museum has 1,800 objects on display now.

Evening activities in Cairo

At the end of the day we will drive back to Cairo and check in The Oasis hotel 4* (on BB basis), where you will spend a night. Optionally in the evening you can do the following activities in Cairo: Nile Cruise & Dinner with Tanura show and belly dance on a floating hotel or Watch Sound & Light show show at the Pyramids.

Pyramids & Sphinx

In the morning after breakfast, our guide will pick up you from the hotel as per the time agreed and you will go to discover the pyramids. Giza plateau is situated just 10 minutes far from the hotel, so you will start to explore the area in the morning. You can enter even one of the Pyramids, the one which will be open to public at the moment (extra tickets can be arranged with our guide). Then let’s visit Sphinx and its valley temple and some shopping in the area.

Lunch time and felucca ride

After the Pyramids we will cross the Nile and take optional 45 minutes Nile felucca ride. We will enjoy while sailing along the Nile with warm breeze and panoramic views of the city. The boat will drive us to a local restaurant where we’ll have lunch on set menu basis. You can choose between fish or chicken option plus dessert.

Egyptian Museum of Antiquities

After lunch let's move to The National Egyptian Museum to discover its treasure and world famous collection of Tutankhamun. The building of the museum is a historical monument itself already, built more than 100 years ago by a French architect. It houses the world’s largest collection of Pharaonic antiquities, and many treasures of King Tutankhamen. 120 000 pieces are exhibited there and we will visit all those collections, including Old kingdom, Middle kingdom, New kingdom and king Tut Anch Amun collection. We will spend around 2,5 hours in the museum.

Return to Sharm el Sheikh

At the end of the day we will drive back to Cairo International airport to catch your flight back to Sharm el Sheikh. In Sharm el Sheikh our rep will meet you and transfer to your hotel.

Date: 2018-12-14
Updated: 2019-05-16

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Cairo Alexandria by Flight reviews

We have just arrived back in England sadly, but we thought we must email you and thank you for such a wonderful day that you organised for us in Cairo on Saturday. The one place in the world I have always wanted to see was the Pyramids and it was everything I hoped it would be. I must say that George, our guide for the day, was superb. He answered every question we had and made it such a good time. He really is an excellent guide and please pass on our grateful thanks. Without his knowledge and skill the day would not have been such a success. Nothing could have been organised better by your company, the pickups, transfers, flights and guide were excellent. Thank you very much and we look forward to seeing you next year.

Dean Marshall and Victoria GardnerReviewed 15 December 2015

Thanks for the great excursion to Cairo,it was made very special by our tour guide sherif where nothing was too much trouble. He was passionate about Egyptian history and a great photography and gave us some excellent pictures of the whole day. We visited the pyramids which was excellent and the Egyptian museum was also very interesting and we also had a trip on the Nile. Next day we visited Alexandria and saw many Roman sites we never heard about! I would highly recommend sharm club and also recommend you take the flying option. If i return to Egypt i would definitely hope that sherif would be are tour guide again, many thanks.

Karina LReviewed 15 December 2015