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Mount Sinai Tour from Sharm El Sheikh
Night Tour to Moses Mountain

Tour Itinerary

Time Activity
20:00 pm Pick up from your hotel.
21:00 pm Transfer to Mount Sinai
01:00 am Have some rest before climb.
02:00 am Climb Mount Sinai.
05:00 am Watching Sunrise at the top of the Mount Sinai.
07:30 am Getting down to Mount Sinai Monastery.
09:00 am Visiting Mount Sinai Monastery.
09:00 am Breakfast at St Catherine city.
10:30 am Transfer to your hotel in Sharm El Sheikh.

Mount Sinai Tour from Sharm El Sheikh

Mount Sinai Meaning

Mount Sinai, Moses Mount or the Holy Peak stands 7500 feet above sea level and take between 2 hours and 3 hours walk to climb. According to Christian tradition, this is the Biblical Mount Horeb where Moses received the Tablets of the Law with the Ten Commandments.

Sharm El Sheikh to Mount Sinai

The distance from Sharm El Sheikh to Mount Sinai is about 210 KM. It take about 3 hours by car.

Mount Sinai how long to climb

We do pick up from any hotels in Sharm el Sheikh. Pick up from your hotel in Sharm el Sheikh, transfer by air conditioned van or bus to the Saint Catherine city at night will take up to 2.30 hours. Upon arrival some rest before heading for the mountain. Start to climb the mountain between 1.30 and 2.30 am to reach the holy peak before sunrise. A Bedouin boy will accompany you up to the top of the mountain. It may take up to three hours on foot or by camel to climb the mountain. If you reach the top before sunrise you will have to wait for a while to watch an unforgettable sunrise.

Climbing Mount Sinai

Climbing Mount Sinai is a quite easy, there are 2 ways up to the Mountain. First one entails climbing 3750 steps, built with rocks by pious monks, this is a short but difficult ascent. It is recommended to use this way to descend the Mountain in the morning. The second way is easier, carved by the Egyptian authorities in the 19th century is an indirect rout which can be traversed on foot or on animal back. On the top of the Mountain you will find a chapel dedicated to the Holy Trinity.

St. Catherine Monastery

In the morning when you come down our guide will be waiting for you to visit the monastery of Saint Catherine where the burning bush, the church of transfiguration, Moses well, museum and the Icon gallery are situated. The monastery opens at 9.00 am till 12.00 pm every day except Sunday and Friday. After the monastery visit or before, we will have breakfast in a hotel near the Monastery.

Transfer from St Catherine to Sharm El Sheikh

At the end of the program we will have the transfer from St Catherine to Sharm El Sheikh. Estimated return time to the city is 2 pm.

Date: 2018-12-23
Updated: 2019-05-10

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For Mount Sinai night tour especially in winter, warm clothes, hat, gloves and jackets are a must.

Date 12 July 2019

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Mount Sinai Tour from Sharm El Sheikh reviews

Ok, where do I start. This is my 4th time and I know exactly why.... This is breathtaking, magic tour. I always take the trip to climb the mountain at night ( so you dont see how high you actually will go). This place is magic.. you start at St Catherine's monastery and walk op the mountain..(remember to take a torch, water and blanket or jacket. If you have not you can buy it or rent with the Bedouin people who live up the mountain) at 1st you are paralysed by the beauty of its surrounding( check that you have not a lot of moonlight), the sky is really spattered with bright stars, constellations, on a good night you can see a swirl of the milky stop at certain points with your guide (small groups, mine was 10p and perfect) where the Bedouin people offer you tea, coffee (have the one with cardamom)or chocolates at reasonable prices. Ok the last bit a bit heavy as we are now at the last point where you climb 750 steps.. Now I'm 43 and the oldest person in the group was 68 we are both smokers and managed (huffing and puffing) to get there where you are welcomed by the most amazing vieuw. You are now on the roof of Egypt.. 2nd highest point with its 2285m and prominence of 332m. Here you'll need your blanket or jacket as the wind is cold...(you can get these at the stop just b4 the 750 steps at $3, dont pack to much with you as you need to carry it all the way up). Sit on the edge of the mountain just b4 the church and wait for...... A BREATHTAKING SUNRISE you won't see many of in your life.!! This is where you'll feel indeed that you are on HOLY land. That yes it's very possible MOSES recieved the 10 commandment HERE. enjoy this moment..its one you'll never forget. Ok then have a look a the church and the Mosk. Decend with your guide back down the 750 steps (a lot easier on way down, keep this in mind for the next step) From here you have the option to get back the same way or.... YES more STEPS (3000) an other way. I always opted for this one as it's the most beautifull one and you are going down and see a lot more...(Ismael church. The well, change to make a wish at 2nd arch, etc)..... it's easier then it looks.... after a good 1h30 of decending through gorgeous canyons you see St Catherine's monastery where you will be able to see the burning Bush, meet with the monks and have a look inside the monastery... AWESOME...(not always everything is open but if you can,library is a must!).... Breakfast at monastery and back to hotel. You feel revived, recharged and dont forget that if you see sunset or sunrise on Moses mountain you are absolved from your sins... Now if that's not a bonus I dont know....

Jeroen Ethan MahieuReviewed 10 July 2019

This was such an incredible tour. Our guide, Mustafa, was a fountain of information and the friendliest person. The walk up to the top of Mount Sinai isn't easy, but well worth doing. It's a fairly rocky terrain and you climb it in the pitch black. Watching the sunrise from the top was a moving experience. The views are breathtaking. Everything about this tours was so enjoyable.

John WeelReviewed 15 December 2015

I wish to highly recommend Sharm Club. From my initial booking for 27 college students and 3 teachers made in England with Carolann and Philip, right through to the aftercare we received when we got home, the company was faultless, and I will certainly use them when I visit Egypt again. During our time in Egypt, we used Sharm Club for 4 excursions. We went to Mount Sinai and St Catherines, a daytrip to Cairo by air, a jeep safari and the Bedouin night. The prices for all trips was very reasonable and the treatment we reseived was first class. Sherif made our experience in Cairo unforgettable. He was a mind of knowledge and such a friendly chap, who went above and beyond the call of duty. He didn't mind taking individual photos of all 30 so it looked like we had our hand on top of 1 of the pyramids. He was a true professionsal, and it was unfortunate that we missed out on our trip along the Nile beacuse of the traffic. (It sounds like it traffic is always bad, but this was made far worse due to the fact that we were in Cairo on the day that Egypt were in the semi-final of the African Cup of Nations!) Mido accompanied us on the jeep safari and the trip to Mount Sinai. He kept the students entertained with anecdotes and by writing their names in Hieroglyphs. Bercy, who co-ordinated all of our excursions was also suberb. He was a wealth of knowledge on Egyptian life and culture, and the Bedouin way of life, and answered any quetions that our students threw at him. Bercy also arranged for a courtesy bus to take us to visit Sharm Market as a thanks for booking all our trips with them. When we arrived back in the UK, Bercy contacted us to check that we had enjoyed our time in Egypt, an unnecessary but nevertheless thoughtful gesture. For anyone that really wants to get to know true Egypt, I highly recommend that you use Sharm-Club. They make a good experience not just great, but unforgetttable. Thank you Bercy, Mido and Sherif, from Priestley College

Claire ColwellReviewed 15 December 2015

Thanks Sharm Club for a fantastic midnight trip from Sharm El Sheikh to Sinai followed by a trek up Mount Sinai and then St Catherine's monastery. Fouzi our guide was fantastic and made the trek an absolute joy,one is awed by his professionalsm. Mahmud our courier to and from our hotel once again was highly professional,helpful and hugely considerate. Both guys are a tribute to Sharm Club.Once again thanks

George WilliamsonReviewed 15 December 2015