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Tour to Cairo with Dinner Nile Cruise from Sharm El Sheikh

Tour Itinerary

Time Activity
05:00 am Pick up you from your Sharm el Sheikh hotel & transfer to the airport.
06:00 am Catch your 50 minutes flight to Cairo.
07:30 am Meet the guide and start your Cairo city tour.
09:00 am Egyptian Museum of Antiquities visit.
12:00 am Optional Nile boat ride.
13:00 pm Lunch in a local restaurant.
14:00 pm Giza plateau exploration. Famous pyramids, workers tombs and the Sphinx.
17:00 pm Optionally enter any of the 3 pyramids which will be open to public.
18:00 pm Papyrus fabric, perfume palace or cotton shop.
19:00 pm Transfer to cornich to catch your floating hotel.
20:00 pm Nile cruise with Romantic dinner and Oriental show.
22:00 pm Transfer to the airport.
23:00 pm Catch your flight back to Sharm el Sheikh.
00:00 am Our representative will meet you and drive back to the hotel.

Cairo & dinner Nile cruise

Nile cruise with Romantic dinner

The main high-light of this tour is evening cruise on a floating 5* hotel where you can enjoy with open buffet dinner and then watch Oriental show including belly dancer performance, traditional tanura show and more. Sail along the Nile for a couple of hours, enjoy night city and the atmosphere.

Before we explore Cairo

Our day will start with early pick up from your hotel between 04:45 am and 05:15 am depending on your hotel location. We do pick up from any hotel in Sharm el Sheikh so you do not need to worry about it just wait for our representative on the time scheduled in your invoice. We will pick up you and transfer by a/c van to Sharm el Sheikh International Airport to catch your flight to Cairo. Flight to Cairo will take around 50 minutes. Our English speaking guide will be waiting for you upon arrival outside the main arrival hall of Cairo airport with the sign "". After all people in your group are collected you will make your way to Cairo down town passing by on the way many interesting places.

National Egyptian Museum collections

Our first stop will be at The National Egyptian Museum. The present building of the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities was constructed by a French architect Marcel Dourgnon in the neo-classical style more than 100 years ago. It contains many important pieces of ancient Egyptian history and houses the world's largest collection of Pharaonic antiquities as well as the major treasures of King Tutankhamen tomb, which was discovered on 4th November 1922 by Howard Carter. We will discover three main collections of the museum such as Old kingdom, Middle kingdom, New kingdom plus king Tut Anch Amun collection. We will spend around 2,5 hours in the museum.

Felucca ride along the Nile

After the museum visit we will take 45 minutes Nile boat ride. The activity is optional and costs 10£ per person. If you do not want to participate you can wait for the rest of the group in the bus. We will enjoy with the sailing along the Nile, warm breeze and panoramic views of the city. Amazing pictures from the Nile are guaranteed. The boat will drive us to the restaurant which is situated at the Nile river bank.

Lunch Time

Lunch will be offered in a local restaurant on set menu basis, but you can choose between options available plus dessert. You can choose either fish or chicken. We’d recommend choosing chicken as the portion will be bigger. Kindly note that drinks are not included in the cost of your lunch, so if you want to order something refreshing there will be an extra charge.

The Great Pyramid of Cheops & the area

After lunch we will cross the Nile and move to Giza Plateau to explore the area and to discover one of the seven wonders of the ancient world The great pyramid of Cheops! Do you know that the Great Pyramid of King Cheops is the only survived wonder from the seven wonders of the ancient world! Also we will have a look at other pyramids of the area: the pyramid of Chephren and the pyramid of Mycerinus, as well as small pyramids of the queens. We will enter to a tomb of workers recently discovered at the plateau and finally end our tour at Sphinx and its valley temple. Do you know that Sphinx was buried in sand for most of his existence?

Shopping time

At the end of the day we will get a chance for shopping in the area around the Pyramids. Visit of papyrus institute, perfume palace or cotton fabric will be available. If you do not want to shop, you can wait for the rest of your group in the bus.

At the end of the program we will drive you to Cairo Airport to catch your flight back to Sharm el Sheikh. Our rep will meet you upon arrival in Sharm el Sheikh Airport and transfer back to your hotel.

Date: 2018-12-14
Updated: 2019-04-17

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Cairo Dinner Nile Cruise reviews

My wife and myself went to Cairo last week from Sharm El Sheikh. This was probably the most enjoyable day of the holiday. We were met at our hotel by the Sharm club Rep and taken to the airport. When we arrived at Cairo Airport we were met by our personal guide Sherif, you must ask for this guide because he has a fantastic knowledge of Egyptian history, this together with his ability to communicate in a very polite manner and also possessing an extremely good sense of humour is a must for a wonderful day out. So don'y forget, you must ask for Sherif.

Alan MaundersReviewed 15 December 2015

Hello - I would just like to say thanks for a fantastic tour! Worth every penny! And Sherife was brilliant and thanks for taking all the photos. Have recomended to several people already

RuddockReviewed 15 December 2015