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Ras Mohammed National Park snorkeling excursion

Tour Itinerary

Time Activity
08:00 am Pick up & Transfer to Ras Mohammed National park.
08:30 am Stop at to rent snorkelling & diving equipment.
09:30 am Visit to mangroves forest
09:40 am Visit to the Magic lake
09:50 am Visit to Earthquake crack.
10:00 am Snorkeling at Main beach.
12:00 pm Snorkeling at Yolanda beach.
13:30 pm Back to Sharm el Sheikh.

Tour to Ras Mohammed by car

How large is Ras Mohammed National Park

The total area of Ras Mohamed National Park is 97 square km, it has since grown to an area of 480 square km and includes marine and terrestrial areas at the Ras Mohammed Peninsula and the island of Tiran. Plus all shorelines to the highest annual tide between the main Sharm El Sheikh harbor and the southern boundary of the Nabq Managed Resource Protected Area .

What to do in Ras Mohammed

1. Diving
2. Snorkelling
3. Look for Dolphins
4. Camping
5. Bird watching
6. Swimming
7. Look for Fossils
8. Sun bathing
9. Relax
10. Take Photographs
11. Check visitors centre
12. Look for Little Critters
13. Study marine life

Watch Coral reefs & fishes

The tour to Ras Mohamed National Part starts with pick up from your hotel in the morning and drive to one of the most beautiful sites all over the world the first and the only national park in Egypt where more than 130 sorts of coral reefs can be found and more than 1000 sorts of fishes can be observed. As it is a half day trip by 2 o'clock you will be back to your hotel. Kindly note that now full visa of Egypt is not required for the tour!

Mangroves forest

First of all we will visit mangrove channel with its trees which grow directly from the salty water of The Red Sea! It is the only sea in the north part of the earth where this kind of trees can be found. If you take a leaf of the tree and turn you will find drops of salt on it.

Magic lake

Visit to the Magic lake at Ras Mohamed is essential. Every one who visits the place and swims there according to the believes of local Bedouins will get all his wished come true. Just wish for something an jump into the lake and as the Bedouin think that wish will come true when you swim in this Magic lake.

Earthquake crack

Then we'll go to see the earth crack. They are located in the middle of the park and some of them are full of water.

Most famous beaches at Ras Mohamed

Ras Mohamed is considered to be one of the best sites all over the world for diving and snorkeling. Here are the most famous beaches in Ras Mohamed National Park:

The main beach, Yolanda beach, Old quay beach, Gulf of Suez beach, Observatory beach, Ras Ghozlani beach, Marsa Burica beach or Khashaba beach for refreshing and snorkeling. We will stop in 2 of these beaches for snorkeling, diving or swim.

Date: 2018-12-14
Updated: 2019-09-13
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Ras Mohammed National Park snorkeling tour reviews

very good prices and Excellent trips

Mohsen ShawkiReviewed 26 October 2017

Our first trip to the Ras Mohammed National Park by minibus was quite amazing. The whole area is breathtakingly beautiful and our experienced and friendly guide Moka was able to give us information about the ecological, as well as a cultural history of the area. We made lots of stops to beaches for snorkelling, where Moka found the best places to swim, ensured we were perfectly safe and that we respected the delicate ecosystems of the reefs. As there were six of us, we were given an exclusive guided tour for our group and made to feel like VIPs throughout.

PhilipReviewed 15 December 2015