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Avenue of Sphinxes Tour in Luxor Egypt

Tour Itinerary

Time Activity
07:00 am Meet our guide in your hotel
07:15 am Transfer to Luxor temple
08:00 am Walking tour along sphinxes of the temple
08:30 am Walking tour from Luxor to Karnak temple along the avenue
10:30 am Transfer back to your hotel

Sphinx avenue Tour

The alley of Sphinxes, which once connected the temples of Luxor and Karnak, now again appeared in its original idea. Not all of its parts have survived, but those that were dug up in recent years and restored, give us a great idea of what this alley was like in the days of the pharaohs.

Let us begin our excursion in the Luxor temple, where the most preserved part of the avenue is survived and proceed along its entire path to the Karnak temple. In some places, the remains of sphinxes can be seen right at the steps of modern houses!

Date: 2019-01-16
Updated: 2019-01-20

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