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Fauna of Egypt
Animals in Egypt

Animals of Egypt

There are many kinds of animals living in Egypt. Horses, Camels, Buffalos and Donkeys are the most prevalent animals to be found here. As for desert wildlife the Gazelles, Nubian Ibex, Jackals, Jerboas and desert Foxes are indigenous to the country.


Camels are the most famous animals in Egypt
For thousands of years camel has been the choice method of transportation throughout this part of the world and for good reason. Camel can travel for weeks without food or water, living off the fat and body fluids stored in its hump (the hump also makes a very comfortable seat for the rider).
There are tow main types of camels:camels with 2 humps and other with just one hump it's called dromedary.The most popular in Egypt is dromedary (Hairier). Notice the odd shape of its nostrils, camels can close them up to keep sand from getting in and minimize the loss of moisture.


The Fennecs or desert Foxes are common animals in Egypt, they can be found all over Egypt, but mostly in the desert areas, where they have evolved to fit the life quite well. Their small bodies (the fennec is the smallest fox in the world) minimize the loss of body heat and water. Their large eyes and ears allow them to see and hear both predator and prey very easily. Fennecs are often kept as pets, and if they are born and raised in captivity can be quite docile.

Desert Lynx

The Desert Lynx is the largest of Egypt's wild cats, though still much smaller than its jungle cousins. Its sandy-brown color with dark ear tufts are its most distinctive feature. The Lynx main prey are birds. Its powerful legs and agile body give it the ability to leap into a flock of birds and kill before they even have a chance to react. Its front legs look like the front legs of the Sphinx don't they?


The weasels are found all over the world as they can adapt to fit any environment. Weasels will eat anything, and they do devastating damage to the domestic fowls such as chickens and ducks, eating the eggs as well as the small chicks. For many Egyptians, the weasel is a great nuisance. They are often found living in the city, even in the walls of houses like mice, stealing food wherever they can find it.

The Egyptian Wild Cat

It hunts the same prey as its domestic counterpart: small rodents, birds and snakes. Really, the only way to tell the Egyptian Wild Cat from a common tabby is its tail. It is shorter and thicker than that of the domestic one. But if you can get close enough to an unknown cat in Egypt to see its tail it probably is not a Wild Cat at all.

Published: 2019-02-10
Last update: 2019-02-10