Birds of Egypt

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Birds of Egypt

Birds migration via Egypt

The unique geographical position of Egypt acting as a bridge between the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa is the reason for the concentration of migrating birds in Egypt and Sinai. Millions of migrating birds pass over Egypt on their flight from Scandinavian pininsula, Eastern Europe, Balkans, Siberia and Central Asia to eastern and southern Africa every Autumn and again on their way back again every spring.

Soaring birds

The birds like Storks and Pelicans have particular migratory routs using hot air updrafts suitable for soaring. .Thermals do not develop over water and short sea-crossing are preferred. The Red sea and the Mediterranean sea act as barriers for soaring birds prevent them to fly easly, so huge number come to Sinai, where the only link between Asia, Europe and Africa occurs.

Birds of Egypt

There are many places in Egypt where you can watch birds. More than 430 different kinds of birds have been recorded in Egypt. And if you want to know how birds are common in Egypt just look to the flag of Egypt, and you will see the Lanner Falcon.

The Lanner Falcon Horus

It's uncommon resident breeding bird of mountains and plains. It flies very fast catching medium size and small birds in flight. No other bird living today is seen so much as a symbol of Egypt as this one. Ages ago it was seen as a sacred one to the god Hours, who was said to take the form of this bird when he visited the mortal realm. It was also the bird of choice to use in falconry, the job it makes excellent. Its keen eyesight allows it to spot prey far below it while flying.

Doves and other birds common to Egypt

And you can see every where Turtle Dove abundant resident breeding bird in towns, villages and oases. Notice rather long tail and lack of spots on lower neck.
Also you can see the Egyptian goose but it's uncommon resident lakes and marshes. Large white area which is obvious in flight, usually in pairs or small flocks. There are a lot of kinds of ducks such as Widgeon, Pintail, Garganey, Pochard, Shoveller.

Egyptian Vulture

The Egyptian Vulture, also uncommon resident breeding bird and passage migrant. Immatures have dark plumage, live on carrion, called by the hopelessly unflattering name of Pharaoh's Chicken. They are called like this not because they were eaten in ancient times, but rather because when they are on the ground, they look a lot like chickens. They may be clumsy and waddling on the ground, but they soar like eagles in the sky with their mighty wingspan of almost six feet. This was the totem animal of the goddess Nekhbet, and was often used to adorn the crowns of the pharaohs. You can also see in Egypt some wagtail, hoopoe, owls, ostrich or different kinds of gull.

List of Flora and fauna

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