Best Egypt Nile cruise packages and holidays

The best Egypt holidays, Nile cruise and Red sea stay with Cairo Pyramids tour from different cities can be booked direct in Egypt from UK. Our Nile cruise packages from Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh will let you have a unique experience of cruising the Nile on the best Nile cruise ships, discover Ancient Egyptian sights, visit Luxor, Aswan, Kom Ombo and Abu Simbel and at the end relax on a sandy beach of Sharm el Sheikh or Makadi bay. Book online your Egypt Dream Nile Cruise Package 2021 now.

Crucero por el Nilo en Asuán

Cairo and 4 Days Nile cruise holiday

Duration: 5 Day
Pick up: 01:00 AM

price 702

Nile cruise Deluxe ship in Kom Ombo

Cairo and Nile Cruise Tour

Duration: 7 Day
Pick up: 08:00 AM

price 640

Nile cruise holidays in Egypt

Pyramids and Nile Cruise Holidays from Hurghada

Duration: 5 Day
Pick up: 03:00 AM

price 507

Nile cruise and Red sea stay 2021

Nile cruise and Red sea stay holidays are very popular way of spending your vacation in Egypt. It is an ideal way to combine five star Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor and stay in one of famous Red Sea resorts such as Hurghada or Sharm el Sheikh, Marsa Alam or Makadi bay. All inclusive Nile cruise and stay holiday will be even more popular in 2021 as it gives travelers more options and the best way to experience Egypt and its ancient Egyptian sights. Nile cruise and stay can be booked online direct from Manchester and London.

Ideal way to explore the pyramids and other famous Ancient Egyptian sightseeing and tourist attractions in Egypt is to take part in Cairo Nile cruise and Red sea holidays. You can book your preferred option right via our site. We prepare for you not just the best Nile cruises from Hurghada, river Nile cruise from Hurghada but also Nile cruise Hurghada stay and Nile cruise from Cairo to Hurghada. Nile cruise and Hurghada holiday is a popular and one of the best ways to combine leisure holiday with a cultural trip.

Nile cruise and Cairo packages

Book Nile Cruise and Cairo package to visit all major archaeological wonders between Luxor and Aswan.Our cheap and affordable Cairo and Nile cruise package are designed for eager to discover travellers all over the world. Nile cruise package from Cairo will suite major holidaymakers. Our NILE CRUISE ITINERARIES are specially designed to fit different holiday plans. No matter you are on a short break in Egypt or on a long term holiday you will always find a holiday package of your dream on our site: Nile cruise and pyramids, Nile cruise and Cairo stay, Luxury Nile cruises from Cairo to Aswan.

MS Pyramisa Nile cruise ship

Nile cruise Cairo Alexandria

Duration: 6 Day
Pick up: 04:00 AM

price 546

Excursion to Alexandria Fort Qait Bay

Nile Cruise Pyramids Alexandria 5 Days Tour Package

Duration: 7 Day
Pick up: 05:00 AM

price 640

Floating hotel in Luxor

Cairo Nile Cruise Hurghada holiday 14 days itinerary

Duration: 14 Day
Pick up: 08:00 AM

price 1014

Luxor Aswan Nile Cruises

Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan is one of the most common Nile cruises in Egypt. Operating on all kinds of Nile cruise ships and boats Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan can be taken on a Luxury 5* Deluxe ship or on a standard 5* boat. A good feature of all Nile cruise holidays is that they operate on Full board basis including evening onboard entertainment so you do not need to worry about your food and evening activities. Cruising between Luxor and Aswan 4 nights will introduce you to Ancient Egyptian cities like Aswan and Luxor, Kom Ombo and Edfu, Abu Simbel and beautiful island of Philae. Book now online your Luxor Aswan Nile cruise package and get the best Nile cruise deal in the net.

Nile cruise holidays from Luxor

Luxor to Aswan Nile cruise holiday

Duration: 5 Day
Pick up: 07:00 AM

price 406

Steigenberger Minerva Nile cruise ship

5 Days Nile Cruise from Hurghada

Duration: 5 Day
Pick up: 05:00 AM

price 507

Blue Shadow Nile cruise ship at Kom Omboh

Nile cruise holidays from Sharm El Sheikh

Duration: 5 Day
Pick up: 05:00 AM

price 367

Entertainment cruises

Nile dinner cruise is another very popular activity in Cairo. This evening cruise you can take any day, on a stylish boat you will sail along the Nile in Cairo for 2 hours. Boats offer not only delicious open buffet style dinner (drinks are paid separately) but also belly dancer performance and Tanura show. It is a perfect evening activity for couples and oriental atmosphere lovers. If you want something more authentic try traditional felucca ride along the Nile in Aswan or Cairo.

Stylish Nile boat dinner cruise

Nile dinner cruise in Cairo with belly dancing

Duration: 3.5 Days
Pick up: 18:30 PM

price 31

Felucca ride in Cairo

Felluca ride trip

Duration: 3 Days
Pick up: 08:00 AM

price 27

Nile felucca ride in Aswan

Felucca ride to Botanical garden

Duration: 2.5 Days
Pick up: 10:00 AM

price 39

Nile cruise Aswan to Luxor

Many interesting Nile cruise itineraries are offered from Aswan. Nile cruise Aswan Luxor is the shortest Nile cruise program operating in Egypt. You can enjoy your Aswan to Luxor 3 night cruise as well as Aswan to Luxor 2 night cruise or choose Aswan to Luxor 4 nights luxury Nile cruise holiday. But the best Nile cruise Itinerary offered from Aswan is no doubt Aswan Abu Simbel Nile cruise. It is a unique lifetime experience. Nasser Lake Cruise Holiday is five days cruise starting in Abu Simbel or Aswan through Nasser lake. It will introduce you to different places, rare visited sights in Nubia, it is a cruise out of the beaten track for those who are eager to discover new places, see more ancient Egyptian monuments and sail in tranquility along the Nasser lake. Only during Aswan to Abu Simbel Nile cruise Ancient Nubian sites such as Kalabsha temple, Wadi el Sebou, Amada and Qasr Ibrim will open your its doors.

Nile cruises from Aswan to Luxor and further to Cairo is another great option to spend your holiday in Egypt. These 2 weeks Aswan Cairo Nile cruises cover most of tourist attractions in Egypt including rare visited places such as Beni-Hasan and Tel el-Amarna, Tuna el-Gabal and Ashmunein. Luxury Nile cruise ships with all facilities on-board will satisfy all your needs.

Floating hotel Prince Abbas

Aswan to Nasser Lake cruise

Duration: 5 Day
Pick up: 07:00 AM

price 975

Cruising the Nile in style in Aswan

Aswan Nile cruise holiday

Duration: 4 Day
Pick up: 08:00 AM

price 359

The Great Pyramid of Cheops excursion

Aswan to Cairo Nile Cruise

Duration: 13 Day
Pick up: 08:00 AM

price 1950

Nile Cruise Itineraries

A variety of Nile Cruise Itineraries offers you a great possibility of choice. Whether you plan to spend a pleasant evening and book Nile cruise and dinner in Cairo or consider a longer vacation in Egypt like Nile cruise and hotel stay in Sharm el Sheikh or Marsa Alam, we have it all. Our Nile cruise package holidays and deals give you multiple options to spend you holiday in Egypt. Now planing your dream Egypt vacation is easy. Nile cruise and stay in Luxor or Nile cruise and stay holiday? Nile cruise and Sharm el Sheikh holiday or Nile cruise Cairo Sharm el Sheikh package? You can compare the prices and choose Nile cruise holiday that suites you best!

Nile cruise Egypt holiday

Budget Nile Cruises Egypt Holidays

Duration: 4 Day
Pick up: 03:00 AM

price 507

Sonesta St. George Floating hotel at the jetty in Aswan

Nile Cruise Holiday

Duration: 8 Day
Pick up: 07:00 AM

price 624

Nile floating hotel in Luxor

Pyramids and Nile cruise holiday from Luxor

Duration: 6 Day
Pick up: 07:00 AM

price 624

Good to know
  1. Egyptian visa is required for your Nile cruise holiday package. Visa can be obtained upon arrival in Luxor International airport and costs 25$. You get visa for every passport even if you have a new born baby.
  2. Main sites visits are schedules for early mornings.
  3. Always take a bottle of water with you while on a tour in Upper Egypt.
  4. Put on cap/hat and comfy sportive shoes to make your visits run smoothly.
  5. Nile cruise ships have check in at 12:00 pm and check out at 8:00 am.
  6. You can leave your luggage on board until departure.
  7. Tipping is essential part of Nile cruise holiday, the guide may ask 15$ per person at the end of river Nile cruise for the crew of your Nile cruise ship.
  8. All Nile cruise ships are equipped with swimming pool and other necessary.
  9. Usually there is no FREE WI-FI internet connection on board.
  10. Nile cruise ships are divided in to 5* Super Deluxe, 5* Deluxe and 5* Standard.
Published: 01 Nov 2020 Last update: 01 Nov 2020