Sharm El Sheikh Excursions : Tours, Day trips & Safari

Places of interest, Things to do in Sharm El Sheikh, daily excursions to Cairo, Luxor, Petra, Stargazing, Aqua park, Mega Safari, water sports & more..

Snorkeling trips in Tiran island, Ras Mohamed & Red sea

Snorkeling excursions in Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh tours & excursions offers day trips in Egypt to Cairo, Luxor, Petra, Nile cruise, Sea trips, Sinai, Snorkeling

Top Excursions in Sharm El Sheikh

Cairo excursion

Excursion to Cairo by plane to visit National Egyptian museum, Pyramids, Sphinx, valley temple, boat ride onto Nile & Lunch.

Stargazing night excursion

Memorable night at the desert includes Camel riding, Bedouin dinner with show and dance, at the end Sinai desert Stargazing.

Water sports excursion

Windsurfing, Parasaiiling, Water skiing, Banana boat, Tube boat, Kayak & Paddle.

Mega safari excursions includes: Quad biking, Camel ride, Snorkeling, Banana boat, Windsurfing & Paddle

Quad biking, Camel riding, Snorkeling, Windsurfing, Banana boat, Paddle boat & Kayak all in one day trip.


Cairo excursion

Amazing excursion to Pyramids, Sphinx, Valley temple & Egyptian museum, you will receive a very personal service from our famous star guide Sheriff, who speaks very good English, very friendly & helpful. On the tour all the entrance fees and transportation are paid and sorted. Lunch in TGI Fridays is included as well as drinks in the bus.

Pyramids at Cairo

Luxor excursion

Our team knows how to make your excursion to Luxor most memorable & enjoyable. From accurate pick up, to smooth flight and temples drenched in fascinating history, the excursion includes visiting of valley of the kings, Queens and Karnak temple, Memnon colossal statues, Luxor temple, a brilliant boat trip cruising along the Nile and a paddle in cool waters then finishing the trip with a visit to a banana plantation with many welcoming Egyptian locals.

Karnak temple at Luxor

Cairo & Luxor by plane

Excursion to Cairo & Luxor by air to visit the most important sightseeing all over the world in Cairo & Luxor, in Cairo you will visit, The Egypian museum, Pyramids, Sphinx. While in Luxor you will visit valley of the kings, queen Hatsepsut temple, Memnon clossal stautes & Kranak temple.

Pyramids at Gizah

Snorkeling at Tiran island

Sail for two hours by boat towards the north east of Sharm El Sheikh along gulf of Aqaba. The gulf is more than 1800 meter deep. We will reach a beautiful place called Blue Laguna, a perfect site to dive, snorkel or just swim. The Laguna is not deep but there are a lot of coral reefs and fishes there. Then continue to sail towards Tiran island where you can make a great snorkeling or swim. Have lunch on the boat and sail again to discover new places. By the end of the day sail back to the jetty of Sharm el Sheikh.

Boat at Tiran for snorkeling

Aqua Park Excursion in Sharm El Sheikh

Aqua Park in Sharm el Sheikh is a huge amusement Water park with water slides, splash pads, water playground and other recreational bathing and swiming environments for all ages. even for infants! It has 32 water slides for all ages, 12 of which are for children! Swimming pools heated all the year round and it is open day & night! This park will be a cool relief on a sunny day for you and your children. Family fun is overflowing in Aqua Park. Several play areas designed just for kids allow small children to splash around to their hearts' content

Aqua park at Sharm El Sheikh

Swimming with Dolphins

Amazing activity full of fun & entertainments, the excursion consider to be one of the most special and unique experience. You will have a unique opportunity to swim with these intelligent animals. You will spend half an hour in a pool with dolphins playing & swimming with them, enjoying their company and experiencing unforgettable feelings of coming close to this beautiful animal.

Swim with dolphins in Sharm El Sheikh

Stargazing excursion

Imagine a tent, low tables, and a man wearing a galabiya and a black-and-white scarf around his head serving you tea, then look outside the tent, and you will see the camels grazing nearby. A Bedouin woman, dressed in black from head to toe, is bending over a tray filled with decorative beads. Then look around and you will see that you're not alone.

Stargazing excursion from Sharm El Sheikh

Horse riding on the beach

You will enjoy riding an Arabian horse for one hour or more, depending on your desire along a beautiful shore near Na'ama bay area. Training is carried out by qualified instructors who will be with you all the time to be sure you are doing fine.

Horse riding on the beach

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