Sharm El Sheikh Excursions, Tours, Day trips & Safari

Daily activities to Cairo, Luxor, Petra, water sports, Sinai, diving & Snorkeling.

Snorkeling trip to Tiran island, Ras Mohamed & Red sea

Snorkeling and diving boat trip to Tiran island and Red Sea.

Sharm El Sheikh tours & excursions offers day trips in Egypt to Cairo, Luxor, Petra, Nile cruise, Sea trips, Sinai, Snorkeling

Top Attractions in Sharm El Sheikh

Cairo excursion

Day trip to Cairo by plane to visit National Egyptian museum, Pyramids, Sphinx, valley temple, boat ride onto Nile & Lunch.

Stargazing night excursions

Memorable night at the desert includes Camel riding, Bedouin dinner with show and dance, at the end Sinai desert Stargazing.

Water sports excursions

Windsurfing, Parasaiiling, Water skiing, Banana boat, Tube boat, Kayak & Paddle.

Mega safari excursions includes: Quad biking, Camel ride, Snorkeling, Banana boat, Windsurfing & Paddle

Quad biking, Camel riding, Snorkeling, Windsurfing, Banana boat, Paddle boat & Kayak all in one day trip.

Let’s find out about some old traditions that still alive in Egypt. Cannon Ramadan -  a special cannon which is situated in Citadel of Salah el-Din announces the beginning of Iftar by its shoot. It is usually shown on the 1st TV channel. Exactly at the time of sunset the cannon gives one shoot which means that people can break their fast. And of course there are several legends how this cannon became a traditional Iftar Ramadan announcer. For details read on our site.

Let’s continue discovering Egyptian Ramadan Traditions. FANOOS RAMADAN – There is a legend how fanoos appeared in Egypt. On the fifth of Ramadan in the year 358 AH (969 AD), the Fatimid Caliph Moezz El-Din EI-Allah was entering Cairo – the city his army had founded – for the first time. As he was coming after dusk, the residents turned out en masse with lanterns aglow to welcome him and celebrate his arrival. Since that day, the fanoos has become one of Ramadan’s great symbols for Egyptians.



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