Teti pyramid excursion

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Pyramid of Teti

Teti pyramid

Excursion to Saqqara to visit a beautiful pyramid of Teti, the 1st king of the Six dynasty.

Pyramid of Teti (is open to visitors and can be accessed and explored) who succeeded Unas and married his daughter Iput , built his pyramid to the north-east of the pyramid of Userkaf. His pyramid was originally 12 meters higher than that of Unas but suffered a great damage from quarry men, who removed the covering and the limestone slabs within the pyramid. This pyramid was 1st discovered in 1881 by Maspero. The entrance of the pyramid opened on its north side and can be visited easily. The plan of the descending corridor and the interior chambers is virtually identical to that of Unas, but slightly larger.

As you walk along the horizontal part of the corridor you will stumble upon 3 spaces that were for the portcullis blocks that were lowered down to seal the corridor once the king was buried. On the west wall of the burial chamber we find a large basalt sarcophagus with a single band of hieroglyphic inscriptions. At the southeast corner of the sarcophagus is a hole in the floor for the king’s canopic jar. The walls behind the sarcophagus are decorated with a serekh façade design, representing the king’s palace for eternity. The internal chambers of the pyramid are decorated with pyramid texts. The huge limestone blocks carved with Teti’s Pyramid Texts were badly damaged and have been restored. The ceiling blocks here are decorated with stars as well.

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