Papyrus and papyrology in Egypt

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Papyrus plant at the Egyptian museum.

Papyrus plant and its use in Ancient Egypt

Papyrus plant and how ancient Egyptians used it in daily life.

We don't know exactly when the ancients started to use papyrus to make the paper for writing. The oldest pieces that were found revert back to the time of the 5th dynasty. They are now in the Egyptian museum. The papyrus plant grew in delta; the ancient Egyptians used it in different ways, but the most important thing was to make the paper out of papyrus plant. Papyrus plant is from 7 till 10 foot height without flower and the roots; its width is 1.1/2 inch, it contains a thin rough bust and pulp. From that pulp the papyrus was made. In the beginning the ancients cut the stem of the plant to thin pieces, then put it side by side on a wooden table, then put on it another pieces, but this time should be crisscross with the others in order to make a vertical angel with the first pieces, then wet with water and press, then put it under the sun to dry it for a while. Now there are some farms to plant the papyrus and make paper like the ancient Egyptian made it.

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