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Palace of Mangak al-Yusufi al-Silahdar

At the corner of Suq al-Silah street we find a ruined domed structure that was once a palace built between 1346-47, all that remain now is the gate to the palace of Mangak al-Yusufi al-Silahdar (the sword bearer or armorer ).

The gate was built at the beginning of his career, and his blazon with the sword of office is a prominent decoration. The shallow dome is also interesting as an example of a pure pendentive system.

This gate was at the edge of Suq al-Silah, the Armorers’ Bazaar, whose location near the Citadel was a logical consequence of its strategic importance and of the number of Mamluks quartered in the fortress. The trade of metalworking continues in this area today.

Published: 2018-12-14
Last update: 2019-01-04