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Tours To Dendera and Abydos Temples

Tour Itinerary

Time Activity
04:00 Meet with the guide in your hotel
04:15 Transfer to Abydos
08:00 Visit to main Abydos Temple
09:00 Osirion visit
10:00 Transfer to Dendera
11:30 Hathor temple visit
12:30 Walking tour on the site
14:00 Back to Hurghada
18:00 Transfer to your hotel

Dendera and Abydos

Pick up in the early morning from any hotel in Hurghada and transfer to Dandara by a/c vehicle. The journey may take up to 4 hours. Upon arrival in Dendera let“s explor the area around the temple and then visit the temple of Hathor . The Temple of Hathor comprises a Great Hypostyle Hall which has 18 Hathor columns once painted in brilliant colours. They supported a roof that is divided into 7 sections, each of which is decorated with astronomical scenes, they so well preserved only in this temple. The Second Hypostyle hall has 6 columns with richly ornamented capitals.

Let us move on and continue our journey towards Abydos. A couple of hours more and we are at the famous temples of Seti I and Ramses II. The most visited temples at Abydos are those of the New Kingdom of Seti I and Ramses II. The temple of Seti I is decorated with some of the finest reliefs sculpture of any age to be found in the Nile valley. And the reliefs of the nearby temple of Ramses II are so finely carved that they lead us to suspect that the temple was constructed at the beginning of his reign and decorated by the very artists who worked under his father, Seti I. While the temple of Ramses II is not well preserved but it must once have been among the most beautiful temples in the Nile valley.
Our next stop will be at Osirion. It is a separated structure and lays behind the temple of Seti I to the southwest. While its purpose is unclear, the architectural features of the structure are unique. After we finish exploring the sight we will go back to Hurghada.

Date: 2018-12-14
Updated: 2019-04-22
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