Экскурсия в Каир на два дня индивидуально
Двухдневная экскурсия на пирамиды из Шарм эль Шейха

Каир 2 дня на машине программа

время описание
Трансфер из гостиницы в Каир
Встреча с гидом и знакомство с программой
Посещение Каирского музея древностей
Прогулка по Нилу на лодке
Обед в местном ресторане
Посещение плато Гизы, пирамид и сфинкса
Поход по магазинам
Трансфер в гостиницу в Каира
Утром встреча с гидом и переезд в Цитадель
Осмотр Цитадели и ее достопримечательностей
Посещение Алебастровой мечети
Посещение Военного музея
Музей Королевских экипажей
Обед в местном ресторане
Посещение Старого Каира
Трансфер назад в Шарм эль Шейх

Каир 2 дня на машине

Двухдневная экскурсия в Каир на машине, это индивидуальная поездка в столицу Египтас возможностью провести там целых два дня! В первый день вы посетите знаменитые Пирамиды Гизы, Сфинкса и его храм. загляните в гробницы рабочих. Пообедав в местном ресторане и прокатившись на фелюке под парусом (по желанию за дополнительную плату), вы отправитесь в Каирский Музей Древностей и проведете там 3 часа, исследуя все его залы и знаменитые коллекции. Не пропустите зал фараона Тутанхамона и его знаменитую золотую маску и саркофаг, загляните в зал с мумиями животных и саркофагов.

Вечером можно посетить Лазерное Свето-Звуковое шоу на русском языке у пирамид или отправиться на восточный базар за подарками (дополнительно, оплачивается отдельно).

Ночь вы проведете в уютной 4* гостиницы не далеко от пирамид, завтрак включён. Мы предоставляем стандартный номер на двоих.

На следующий день вы отправитесь в Цитадель Саладина, загляните в алебастровую мечеть Мухаммеда Али и "Музей королевских карет", прогуляетесь по дворцу, в котором сейчас находится Военный Музей">Национальный Военный Музей и сфотографируетесь на фоне города.

После обеда в местном ресторане, давайте отправимся в Старый Каир и полюбуемся на Крепость Вавилон, заглянем в старинные церкви и древнейшую синагогу Бен Эзра. По окончании нашего тура, трансфер назад в Шарм эль Шейх.

С индивидуальным гидом ваша поездка будет более насыщенной и незабываемой.

Date: 2018-09-02
Updated: 2019-09-29
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Каир 2 дня на машине reviews

Just got back from Egypt and had to leave feedback for this trip. We booked an over night by bus to Cairo and glass bottom boat in Naama Bay. The guides were very knowledgeable in Cairo. The accomodation over night was just fantastic! And the visit to the museum, nile cruise, pyramids and sphinx were absolutely fabulous! In fact it was so good that we already looking at booking them for our next visit. I would give them a full 10/10 for the service they provided us. May I also takethe time to thank our guide in Cairo, Abu Bakr. Without whom the day wouldn't have been quite as special! Well done guys! Hope to see you again soon!

shabana and shakeelReviewed 15 December 2015

Where to start... After a somewhat disappointing start to our holiday in Sharm, I hunted around furiously to find a wifi hotspot to book our trip through this agency... After finding one, I arranged the tour and confirmed room number with the guy on the phone, whom later phoned up our room and confirmed the trip and start time. We dicided to take a two day trip of Cairo by bus. Our tour guide was Ahmed, a very nice guide with an unusually strange obsession with the movie Titanic (watched it 24 times in a week), however, don't let that put you off, his English was second to none with a profound knowledge in Egyptology. We shared a somewhat long journey by bus to the museum, where I was directed to a cash machine to pay for the trip (again, as mentioned before, this was on the day... unheard of back here) Shown around the pieces in the museum, we had a 50LE option of going down the Nile by motorboat to a floating sea food restaurant (don't worry, it's not all fish) where we had an inclusive meal, although the drinks had to be bought. Then to a perfume shop to see how perfume's made, followed by the three pyramids which are surprising close to civilisation! then off to a papyrus museum for the opportunity to see how paper was made 3500 years ago. we were the only people on the coach to be doing the second day, and to our astonishment, Ahmed left the coach (in the safe hands of another tour guide) and took us all by taxi through the city to our 4 star hotel for the night. Let's get one thing straight, we stayed for two weeks in a 3 star hotel in Sharm el Sheikh, the hotel we stayed overnight in was a 10 star in comparison, absolutely fantastic and unable to flaw it in any way. The breakfast... after the tripe we had been served back in Sharm; was heaven. Nothing was too much trouble for them, I even had the embarrassment of having a waiter put the tomato ketchup on my chips after he saw me struggling to get any out. (I know what you're thinking... I've gone to Egypt to have chips... We had nothing but the same food for breakfast, dinner and tea in Sharm, with a selection of either beef or chicken, every single day, for two weeks!) Bang on time, Ahmed picked us up at eight with a driver for the mini-bus. We were the only two doing the second day, we had a air-conditioned mini-bus, with a tour guide, for a whole day, for just me and the woman, unbelivable! whilst waiting for the taxi driver on the first night, Sharif introduced himself, we had the option of what to do for the second day, the citidels, or memphis city tour, his advice immediately was memphis city, which is what we chose! the second day was the most memoriable, another drive through old Cario to an open-air museum, with a fantastic and huge statue of Ramis II, that was preserved beautifully, something that you'd expect to see in the museum on the first day, we then drove to Memphis where we saw the step pyramids (the first ever pyramids built!) and had a through tour of the tombs. throughout the day, Ahmed tipped the people he knew, and was very familiar with everyone in the area. With a little swift talking and a paper handshake, myself and the girlfriend got taken into two tombs that weren't open to the public. Under the watchful eye of the staff, we were allowed into the tombs that just didn't compare the the ones on general display. We felt very privileged. Lunch followed in old Cario, in a little craft village. Similar food on offer around egypt, but a nice atmosphere where a man was getting his camel to kiss him. again, meal was inclusive, but drinks cost extra, although these were competitively priced (and a whole lot cheaper than the sea food restaurant) We got to see how carpets were made at a carpet making school, which is a humbling visit, and ended the day with a tour of the mosques and churches in old Cairo. We were both exhausted in the heat, so we had a sit down and let the tour guide have a chat with a friend of his that he'd not seen for several years. Concerned about getting back to the hotel in Sharm, Ahmed said he'd drive us there if he had too (he would've done too), and arranged a bus back to the hotel, making sure we caught it safe. We cannot thank Ahmed enough for all his hard work in turning our holiday around and making it something to remember. Please, book your excursion through this company, just from reading everyone's comments on this site, you are sure of a trip out that you wont forget. Please remember how fortunate we are too at having the opportunity to do such trips, and that the people of Egypt work every hour under the hot sun for a pittance. Not once did we have to tip anyone throughout the day, and although we couldn't give much to the people we met, any discrete tip, no matter what denomination, helps the living expensence of those less fortunate than us in that charming country

Robin PryerReviewed 15 December 2015

We have just returned from 2 weeks holiday in Sharm el Sheikh Egypt. Where we went on the 2 day Cairo trip. The first day there were 10 people (they only booked the 1 day trip) but the second day there was only the two of us. The first day we went to Giza. George our tour guide was fantastic, he was so knowledgeable, pleasant and made you feel extremely comfortable. The second day George took us to see the Red Pyramid, Sakara Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid. We also went to St Simon's Church. The only way to get to the church was through 'Garbage Village'. The villagers collect garbage from city apartments and recycle it, all the money goes to the church. The church is the largest Christian church in the Middle East and is carved from caves, it can hold around 20 thousand people.If you have the opportunity to visit you must it's unbelievable. We will never forget our visit to Cairo and this is thanks to George and of course all at Sharm Club. We would recommend Sharm Club and could not fault anything. Everything they promised happened - an amazing experience. Doreen & the General

DOREEN BReviewed 15 December 2015