Индивидуальная экскурсия в Каир на пирамиды из Шарм эль Шейха

Индивидуальная экскурсия в Каир на машине программа

время описание
03:00 Ночной трансфер из гостиницы в Каир на индивидуальном микро-автобусе
08:30 Встреча с гидом и знакомство с программой
09:00 Посещение Каирского музея древнойстей
12:00 Прогулка по Нилу на лодке
13:00 Обед в местном ресторане на основе меню
14:00 Посещение плато Гизы, пирамид и сфинкса
17:00 Поход по магазинам
18:00 Трансфер назад в Шарм эль Шейх
01:00 Трансфер в вашу гостиницу

Индивидуальная экскурсия в Каир на машине

Воспользуйтесь уникальной возможностью посетить Каир на нашей Индивидуальной экскурсии в Каир на пирамиды из Шарм эль Шейха, с личным гидом и на комфортабельном мини автобусе с кондиционером, рассчитанном на 11 человек! В программе посещение Египетского музея древностей и его известной коллекции фараона Тутанхамона! Прогулка по Нилу на лодке фелюке под парусом и обед в местном ресторане. После обеда посещение Гизы и ее всемирно известных пирамид, единственного из сохранившихся семи чудес света! Мы посетим не только пирамиды, но и сфинкса с его храмом и гробницы рабочих, которые недавно были открыты для посещений. С индивидуальным гидом ваша поездка будет более насыщенной и незабываемой.

Date: 2018-11-01
Updated: 2019-05-28

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Отзыва об экскурсии

Very satiesfied of the transfer. On february 14th, middle of the night, we were picked up at the airport with 15 minutes delay because of problems with other passengers who had to be brought to airport. We had a very friendly driver who told us interesting things about cultural parts of Sharm el Sheikh. On february 22th the same friendly driver was even earlier then the pickup-time. And brought us quickly to the airport. Once again we were very satisfied and will surely recommend sharm-club for the transfer-service

Erik VReviewed 02 March 2019

We thought that there is uber in Sharm El Sheikh, but we could not find it, then we search on internet and found this site, booked airport transfer online, we were amazed by the quality of service and professionalism, it was the best airport transfer we ever had. Thank you Sharm Club

RichardReviewed 19 February 2019

I have used Sharm Club for my transfers from airport to hotel several times. Each time they are great, always waiting for you upon arrival with the Sharm Club clip board held up, go to them, they check you off, out the doors no messing about direct to private transfer. Really helpful staff and make your transfer very pleasant. I used them last Xmas and somehow managed to leave my travel documents & passports in the vehicle on route back to airport, I didnt realise until I had gone through the first section then was queuing to check in .... I only decided to get my documents out when i was approx 3rd in queue, panic set in once I realised I hadnt got them. Then all of a sudden the Sharm Club rep who had been with us on our transfer appeared in the airport waving my stuff at me, he had gone to such an effort to try & contact me to retuen my stuff to me. What more can I say? Excellent service by fab staff. would definitely use again (& in fact have)

JulieReviewed 06 January 2015

We booked with Sharm Club airport transfers for our pick up and return to the airport, what a great service we have received from their team, very helpful and competitive price, great value for money. Would definitely recommend them to every one.

Nicole MouradReviewed 06 September 2017

We have just returned from our first holiday in Sharm and had a wonderful time. Just a quick email to thank you for the efficient and excellent value transfers that you provided to and from the airport to our hotel. I would certainly recommend you to anyone wanting a transfer and next time I come I hope to try some of your excursions too. It may be worth giving an excursion leaflet and contact details to arriving clients. I had read the website and there were many of interest, however as I didnt have details on arrival or wish to access the internet, I then booked locally. Wishing you a successful day

KarenReviewed 15 December 2015