Каир на самолете из Шарм эль Шейха индивидуально

Индивидуальная экскурсия в Каир на самолете программа

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05:00 Встреча в отеле в Шарм-эль-Шейхе и трансфер в аэропорт.
06:00 Перелет в Каир 50 минут.
07:30 Встреча с гидом в Каире и переезд в город.
09:00 Экскурсия в Египетский музей древностей.
12:00 Прогулка на фелюке по Нилу (дополнительно).
13:00 Обед в местном ресторане.
14:00 Экскурсия на пирамиды, сфинкс и его храм.
17:00 Посещение любой из 3 пирамид, которая будет открыта (дополнительно).
18:00 Поход по магазинам: папирус, масла, магазин хлопка.
19:00 Трансфер в аэропорт Каира.
20:00 Перелет назад в Шарм-эль-Шейх.
21:00 Наш представитель встретит вас и отвезет обратно в отель.

Индивидуальная экскурсия в Каир на самолете

Индивидуальная экскурсия в Каир на самолёте из Шарм эль Шейхе подарит вам уникальную возможность посетить древний город и совершить экскурсию на пирамиды Гизы, увидеть великого сфинкса и его храм, пообедать в местном ресторане и прокатится на местной лодке фелюке под парусом по Нилу. После обеда вы со своим персональным русскоговорящим гидом посетите Египетский Каирский музей древностей и совершите трёх часовую экскурсию по залам музея. Плюсы индивидуальной экскурсии в Каир это то, что вам не надо спешить за группой, идти в магазины, которые вам не интересны и ждать свою группу у каждого памятника. Индивидуальная экскурсия в Каир из Шарм эль Шейха может быть подстроена под ваши личные интересы, персональный русскоговорящий гид будет сопровождать вас во время всей экскурсии, вы сможете задавать ему любые вопросы, а индивидуальный трансфер во время экскурсии по Каиру сэкономит вам время, которое можно будет потратить на осмотр дополнительных достопримечательностей, таких как гробницы рабочих в Гизе.

Date: 2019-05-20
Updated: 2019-05-20
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Индивидуальная экскурсия в Каир на самолете reviews

We went to Cario full day private tour by Air, it gonna be best day we had been, our Guide Ahmed Youssef is brilliant man and spoken well english he know everything about History etc, we went on nile cruise and lunch at hard rock cafe. Also shopping in cario, just tell him what you want to do and he will take you there. I also saw Sherif at Museum he seem very kind man and friendly! This trip is worth to visit! Better fly from sharm not bus! only 45min flying we want say a big thank you to Ahmed Youssef and Mr Khalid for brilliant organsied Quad Bike for us. Well worth it Cheer Martin & Leanne

MARTINReviewed 15 December 2015

Have booked, Cairo by air,stargazing,1001 arabian nights, st catherine and dahab, with sharm club. Khaled was very helpful and has upgraded the cairo tour to a private tour also has given us a free glass bottom boat trip. We are looking forward to our trip to Egypt and with Sharm club. WILL LET EVERYONE KNOW HOW IT WENT!!!!

RoxyReviewed 15 December 2015

We went to Cairo By Air with Sharm Club and had one of the best days of our lives… We wanted to celebrate our special wedding anniversary, we took the Sharm Club private trip from Sharm El Sheikh to Cairo by air. We booked the trip before we left the UK through the Sharm Club website, we thought the price very good - a lot cheaper than through the First Choice. We paid just a small deposit on line and then the balance on the day itself. On arrival at our hotel in Sharm, we texted our room number as requested on our booking receipt, and soon afterwards received telephone confirmation of our pick up time for our Cairo trip. We were collected from our hotel on the morning of our trip by Mohammed, who was both welcoming and courteous. He took us to the airport and saw us through check-in before waving us off on what was to be - not just the highlight of our Egyptian holiday - but one of the best days of our lives. We flew Egypt Air by business class and enjoyed our in-flight breakfast while gazing down in fascination at the vast Sinai Desert below us. After touching down at Cairo, we were met by our guide, Sherif, who turned out to be not only an expert Egyptologist but a really nice person whose company we enjoyed throughout the day. We were driven through the chaos of the Cairo traffic competently and safely to our first scheduled stop at the Cairo Museum. We stayed in the museum all morning and until 1.30pm – seeing all the main masterpieces while Sherif told us of their history with great enthusiasm and expertise. We also saw the Mummy Room, at a small extra charge, which we would highly recommend. Absolutely fascinating. After lunch at the Hard Rock café and an hour relaxing on the Nile in a traditional Farouk sailing boat, we headed across the city from the east side to the west, where we spent the next few hours at the Pyramids and the Sphinx. I don’t know how many hours exactly, as the whole afternoon had a timeless quality about it. We saw ancient Egyptian artefacts with our own eyes, touched the stones of the great pyramids, climbed into the narrow passages that led into the burial chambers, and saw the amazingly well-preserved hieroglyphics on the walls of all the tombs. I felt quite emotional during the time we were there. My husband said he felt the same. It was a mix of excitement, the realisation of a lifetime ambition, and the spiritual feel of the place. All day long, the wonderful Sherif guided us and took photographs with our camera. Now our photo album is packed with fabulous photos of the two of us at these amazing sites. Thank you Sherif! We finished off our day with a visit to the papyrus museum, where we saw how ancient scrolls were made. We bought some papyrus paper with Egyptian artwork and hieroglyphics hand painted onto them as souvenirs. We headed happily back to the airport for our evening flight home. This was to be the only glitch of the day – as the flight was overbooked and one of our seats turned out to be a standby booking only. As you can imagine, this caused us a moment of concern - but it seems that domestic flights in Egypt (the same as anywhere else in the world, I suppose) are commonly overbooked and standby tickets sold. On this occasion, we didn’t have a problem as we did both get on the flight, but I would recommend asking Sharm Club to book you only confirmed seats and not standby seats for your trip in order to avoid any potential airline delays. To summarise, we had a truly FANTASTIC day thanks to our wonderful and knowledgeable Cairo guide Sharif, and to Sharm Club, whom I can recommend to you for your Egyptian excursions without reservation. I would also highly recommend taking the private VIP tour - as you get personal attention and to spend as long as you need at each place without being rushed. The whole day was everything and more than we had ever dreamed. Thank you Sharif, Mohammed, and Sharm Club!

Janice HortonReviewed 15 December 2015