Ужин у бедуинов и катание на верблюдах Шарм эль Шейх

Ужин у бедуинов и катание на верблюдах программа

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15:00 Трансфер из гостиницы в пустыню.
16:00 Вечерняя прогулка на верблюдах по пустыне.
17:00 Небольшая передышка в деревне у бедуинов, можно покурить кальян.
17:15 Подъем на гору и наблюдение за заходом солнца в пустыне.
18:00 Мастер-класс по приготовлению бедуинского хлеба-лепешек.
19:00 Ужин в традиционном стиле.
20:00 Наблюдение за планетами и звездами в телескоп.
20:30 Вечернее традиционное шоу танура, метатель огня.
21:30 Возвращение в Шарм эль Шейх

Ужин у бедуинов и катание на верблюдах

Удивительная экскурсия в деревню к бедуинам позволит вам не только насладиться местной атмосферой кочевой жизни, прокатиться на верблюдах и попрактиковаться в приготовлении традиционных бедуинских лепешек, но также вы получите возможность понаблюдать в телескоп за звездами и планетами, увидите Марс и Сатурн, Луну и Венеру! Вечернее шоу-представление познакомит вас с традиционным танцем Танура и фаер-шоу.

Date: 2018-11-01
Updated: 2019-05-29
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Ужин у бедуинов и катание на верблюдах reviews

It is a great trip. You are driven out into the desert and it's straight onto a camel, you don't have to do this, but when in Rome.. quiet painful if you're a guy! It's just enough time, around 20 mins. The camels take you to the Bedouin tents where you are served a herbal tea and shown how to make Bedouin bread, then there's time to chill and chat before you are served dinner, which is actually really nice! Next there's a belly dancing and fire throwing show before singing and dancing around the fire, very Arabian nights.

Dan PatReviewed 15 December 2015

We were greeted by Mohammed our guide for the rest of the night, on route to the Bedouin camp Mohammed gave a lot of background information about the Bedouin way of life, culture and the political situation with them in Egypt. Upon arrival we were met by the camel herders and some of the children who took us to our camels for the camel ride up to the camp my wife was nervous but the guides reassured her and helped her mount up it was and enjoyable if a little uncomfortable experience but added greatly to the overall trip. When we got to the camp we were shown to the tent and given a demonstration of how they bake their flat breads and invited to try some, We were then shown to the BBQ where they served a very tasty meal consisting of rice, bread, chicken, kebabs and salad accompanied with tea and soft drinks. After the meal the Bedouin's lit a camp fire and sang songs for us this was followed by a belly dancer who also took some of the guests up on stage for an impromptu lesson, The finale of the show was a Fire eater/Juggler who I must admit looked very impressive in the dark desert night. We were then returned to our hotel after a most enjoyable evening.

AntoniatteReviewed 15 December 2015