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Cairo Citadel excursion from Sharm el Sheikh

Tour Itinerary

Time Activity
05:00 Transfer from your Sharm el Sheikh hotel to the airport
06:00 Flight to Cairo takes 50 minutes
07:30 Meet your guide and know the program
07:45 Transfer to the Citadel
09:00 Cairo Citadel excursion
09:30 Mohammed Ali mosque visit
10:00 Haramlec palace and Military museum
11:00 Royal carriages museum (optionally)
13:00 Lunch in a local restaurant
14:00 Transfer to Coptic Cairo
14:30 Old Cairo walking tour
17:00 Transfer to Cairo airport
20:00 Flight back to Sharm el Sheikh
21:00 Transfer to your hotel

Citadel and Coptic Cairo

One day air excursion from Sharm el Sheikh to Cairo's famous citadel, a very unique military structure, is a perfect option to discover Medieval Cairo and its attractions. There are several significant structures hidden behind the walls of the Citadel. Beside the world-famous alabaster mosque of Mohammed Ali we find there at least 3 palaces and 2 very interesting museums, plus ancient water-wheel and an aqueduct.

During our tour to the Citadel we will visit two mosques, one palace, the Military Museum and Police Museum, discover the ruins of Ablaq palace and wander withing the ancient walls. Plus the museum of royal carriages can be visited (requires separated ticket)!

After lunch in a local restaurant let's walk through the Coptic Quarter of old Cairo, see the ancient fortress of Babylon, visit some Coptic churches and even a Synagogue, one of the oldest synagogues of Egypt is situated in this quarter. At the end of our tour, transfer to Cairo airport to catch your flight back to Sharm el Sheikh.

Date: 2018-12-12
Updated: 2020-02-06

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