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Saqqara Memphis sightseeing tour in Cairo

Tour Itinerary

Time Activity
07:00 Transfer from your hotel to Saqqara
08:00 Imhotep museum visit
09:00 Visit to the Step Pyramid
10:00 Unas and Teti pyramids exploration
11:30 Transfer to Memphis
12:00 Memphis city tour
13:00 Ramses II colossus visit
14:00 Back to your hotel

Saqqara Memphis tour

Let's start our ancient sights exploration with Saqqara necropolis. Here we visit the Imhotep museum and get to know some ancient artifacts found in the area, beautiful sarcophagus, metal work, stellas and of course «Pyramids texts» are on display in the museum.

Next stop at the Step Pyramid of Djoser and his mortuary complex. Let“s walk around it and see what else to discover here. Behind a newly restored and reopened pyramid of Unas is waiting for visitors. It was here where the 1st «pyramids texts» were found. Optionally you can enter inside the pyramid (requires extra ticket).

Next stop at Pyramid of Teti, which you can enter and explore and then tombs of nobles near the pyramids where we can also enter and admire some wall paintings and funerary art of ancient Egyptians.

Then let's move forward toward the Serapeum. These are Catacombs in the middle of Saqqara necropolis where a mummy of a sacred Apis bull was once found. The visit is optional and requires extra ticket.

After we finish exploring Saqqara we will move to Ancient Memphis city, the only thing that is left from the 1st capital city of Egypt is a small village known as Mit Rahina. Here we will have a look at the Open Air Museum exhibits and visit the most famous monument of the area — Colossal Statue of Ramses the II.

Then transfer back to your hotel.

Date: 1018-12-12
Updated: 2019-12-09

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