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Tour to Mount Sinai & St Catherine from Cairo

Tour Itinerary

Time Activity
07:00 am Pick up from Cairo hotel
07:15 am Transfer to St. Catherine Monastery
15:00 pm Check in a hotel & lunch time
16:00 pm Free time at leisure
03:00 am Climb Mount Sinai
06:00 am Watching Sunrise at the top of Mount Sinai
08:00 am Breakfast in the hotel
09:00 am St Catherine Monastery Excursion
11:00 am Transfer back to Cairo

Day Trip from Cairo to Mount Sinai

Cairo to Mount Sinai Distance

The Distance between Cairo and Mount Sinai is about 440 KM, it takes 7 hours driving by bus.

Cairo to Mount Sinai Tours

Cairo to Mount Sinai Tours available every day, the trips includes pick up & drop off from / to your hotel in Cairo, it is a private tour and can be tailored for your needs to include drop off to other destination such as Sharm El Sheikh / Dahab / Nuweiba / Taba.

Transfers from Cairo to St Catherine

The tour from Cairo to South Sinai most famous place St. Catherine Monastery and its holy peak known as Mount Sinai starts with pick up from your Cairo hotel, then drive toward Suez city then cross the Suez canal and drive toward Saint Catherine city. The journey may take up to 7 hours to reach Mount Sinai.

Climbing Mount Sinai

Upon arrival in St. Catherine let’s check in a local hotel and have some rest until evening, dinner in the hotel and free time at leisure. We start our journey up to the mountain in the early morning, Around 3 am you will meet your Bedouin guide who will lead you up to the top of the mountain. The path is smooth but it needs efforts and some physical training to keep up with your Bedouin guide. If you get tired, you can always hire a camel that will take you up to the mountain (optionally) but not to the pick! O reach the pick you will have to climb yourself the last 750 stairs, cut in the rocks. So, be prepared for your journey and dress accordingly. Comfy shoes and very warm closes in winter, including hat and gloves are recommended, as the temperature in the mountains drops to mines, and snowing is common there.

Seeing Sunrise at Mount Sinai

The sunrise on the top of Mount Sinai is spectacular, so expect to stay there for a while to take amazing pictures. After 6.00 am you will start to go down the mountain, it does not take much time and max at 7.00 am you will be already at the bottom of the Monastery of Saint Catherine. As the monastery opens its doors at 9 am, we will have plenty of time to have rest, to warm ourselves in the first rays of the sun and to get our breakfast in a local cafeteria/restaurant.

Visiting of the Monastery of St Catherine

When monastery opens its doors we will get a chance to explore the inside areas of the monastery, will visit the Burning bush and famous chapel of Transfiguration. If you want to know more you can have a look inside the monastery’s icon gallery (optionally, paid separately) and discover the treasures inside.

Transfer to Cairo from St Catherine

After our monastery tour finishes we will take our van back to Cairo. The distance between Cairo and St. Catherine is 440 km, the journey may take up to 6 hours to reach Cairo, then transfer back to your hotel in Cairo.

Date: 2019-05-07
Updated: 2019-08-18

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