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Cairo food tour with Pyramids visit
Food tours in Egypt

Tour Itinerary

Time Activity
07:00 am Pick up from your Cairo hotel
08:00 am Breakfast at Queder bakery
09:00 am Transfer to the Pyramids
09:30 am The Pyramids and Sphinx walking tour
13:00 pm Fresh juices tasting activity
13:30 pm Transfer to a local oriental restaurant
14:00 pm Egyptian traditional food tasting
16:00 pm Transfer to Khan el-Khalily
16:30 pm Oriental cafe experience
17:00 pm Walking tour in Khan el-Khalily bazaar
18:00 pm Transfer back to your hotel

Cairo day foodie tour

Let’s start our tour in the morning to catch the most delicious and freshly baked sweets, oriental desserts, buns and pies cooked in Cairo bakeries.

Our guide will pick up you from your Cairo hotel and let’s move to a very famous shop of Oriental sweets known as Queder. Here we will have our breakfast with a cup of hot cocoa or Turkish coffee you can taste the most famous Egyptian desserts such as “Om Alli”, “baspusa bel eshta” or “kunafa with cream”. Let’s enjoy our oriental morning in the middle of Cairo.

After breakfast let’s move to the pyramids and discover some ancient Egyptian monuments. We’ll visit the pyramids and sphinx, have a look inside workers tomb and wander around Sphinx’s valley temple. Now time to move to Egyptian streets and find a shop of fresh juices to taste seasonal fruits juice. You can choose 1 drink from a multiple options such shops have to offer. Here you always find fresh juice of mango, strawberry, guava, orange, carrots and others. Want something more authentic, try freshly squeezed sugar cane juice – the most popular juice among Egyptians.

Next stop at an oriental restaurant with traditional Egyptian food. Here you have many choices to experience traditional Egyptian cuisine. Grilled meat and kabab is not actually the food we want to show you. Try something really Egyptian like mahshy (stuffed with rice and greens peppers, egg-plants, zucchini or vine-leaves), tagin – vegetables with meat and tomato souse, fatta- rice with meat, pieces of bread and tomato souse, there are many choices, we will help you to chose the best Egyptian food to get the full Egyptian food experience.
After lunch we will move to the heart of medieval Cairo, place called Khan el Khalily, lot’s of Oriental cafes are situated there. We will have a sit in one of the oldest cafes of the area and have some drinks. Try cold karkade or hot sahlab (traditional Egyptian winter drink) – milk with starch and nuts, or just taste Turkish coffee. We will finish our day with a short tour of Khan el Khalily bazaar and then transfer to your hotel.

Date: 2018-12-12
Updated: 2019-12-31

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