Museums in Egypt: Cairo, Alexandria and Luxor museums

Central Post Office building.

The museum contains a collection of artifacts, pictures and documents illustrating the ways in which messages have been delivered within Egypt over the centuries. It's located in Central Cairo, on the 2nd floor of the Central Post Office.

Railway Museum in Cairo 2nd floor.

Newly renewed and recently reopened museum is dedicated to the development of railways in Egypt and movements around the country.

Royal carriage on display.

Throughout history the museum had several names: Department of the Khedive Carriages and then Management of the Royal Stables. Now the museum has on display many important carriages once belonged to the Royal family.

Salsabil at Harem Palace in the Citadel.

This specialized Egyptian museum is considered to be one of the greatest and most important military museums in the world as it contains rare sections and historical pieces. Beside the Harem palace where the museum is situated is a good example of Ottoman Royal Palaces in Egypt.

Basil Pasha palace hosts Alexandria National Museum.

The museum is housed in the Asaad Bassili Pasha Palace - an architectural monument in its own right. Inside the splendid white Italian-style palace of the late Egyptian lumber trader Bassili Pasha, a collection of 1,800 objects is now on display.

A piece of a cloth.

A beautifully restored sabil of Mohamed Ali era in the heat of Cairo at Al-Muiz street hosts now a unique museum known as Egyptian Textile Museum. This focused museum is an excellent example of the re-use of the historical building combines modern and ancient features in its presentations.

Islamic beautiful mosaics.

Displaying over 10,000 articles dating back to the Islamic era in Egypt, this is the place you don’t want to miss while in Cairo. With exhibitions from every Islamic period in Egypt, it covers Fatimids, Mamluks, Abbassids, Ummayads, Ottoman eras.

Jeep for adventures.

This interactive museum is one of the few museums in Egypt totally dedicated to children to let them discover their land, culture and history through interactive displays, games and group activities.

Ancient Pyramid text found in Saqqara.

Saqqara museum is a small exposition of unique artifacts and interesting findings totally dedicated to discoveries made in Saqqara necropolis. This small gem among Egyptian museums will reveal you the history of discovering the Old Kingdom necropolis and its mysteries.

Mummification tools.

This small museum is completely dedicated to the process of mummification in Ancient Egypt and displays tools and objects used for this purposes.

Ancient bakgammon game.

Nubia museum in Aswan is completely dedicated to the history, culture and traditions of this lost reign: from prehistoric period, through Ancient times to Christian and Islamic eras up to construction of the High Dam.

Chapels at Karnak Open Air Museum.

Open Air Museum at Karnak temple contains some unique historical chapels that not to be missed while touring the temple itself. A new addition to the museum was recently inaugurated and now you can see even more chapels than before.

Mummified crocodiles main display.

A small crocodile museum at Kom Ombo archaeological site welcomes visitors and offers a display of crocodile mummies, and ancient Egyptian rituals devoted to the god Sobek.

Coptic Museum main entrance.

This charming museum with a really rare collection of almost unknown Coptic art is situated within the walls of the Roman fortress of Babylon, the most famous and largest of the remains of the Roman Empire in Egypt.

Fatma Zahra palace in Alexandria.

Royal Jewelry museum is located in Alexandria in a Royal palace of Fatma Zahra & hosts a vast collection of Mohammed Ali's family jewelry and personal items. Beside the museum is a great example of Royal palaces in Egypt with original interiors and decoration.

Solar boat museum at the bottom of the Pyramids.

This small museum pavilion is located on Giza plateau at the Great Pyramid of Kheops and hosts one of the major discovery every done in Egypt - Kufu Solar boat.

Building of the National Egyptian Museum

Egyptian museum of antiquities in Tahrir square is the main and most famous Cairo museum dedicated to Ancient Egyptian artifacts, mummies: both human and animal mummies are on display, and pharaonic culture in general.