Historic Cairo Tours and Egypt Islamic Architecture

Bab al-Azab, gate to the Citadel.

Gates of Cairo known as Bab al-Futuh, Bab al-Naser and Bab Zuweila are the finest examples of military architecture visible until now in modern megalopolis. But they are not the only gates survived in Cairo until present days. Noways inside the Citadel we find 3 museums and two very important Royal Palaces, beside some very impressive mosques.

General view of the gate.

The southern gate of Cairo is called Bab Zuweila but it is also known as Bab al-Mitwalli. This is the only Cairo gate that can be visited and explored from inside while touring Historic Cairo.

Bab al-Naser

Bab al-Nasr or Gate of Victory is composed of two rectangular towers and is one of the three remaining gates of Fatimid Cairo built by Armenian dictator Badr al-Jamali. This gate is connected to Bab al-Futuh by a wall and the northern wall of al-Hakim mosque is incorporated in this part of fortification.

Bab al Futuh, Cairo city gate

Bab al-Futuh or Gate of Conquest marks the northern limits of the Fatimid city. It was built in 1087 and consists of two semicircular extensively decorated towers. Until now you can see this beautiful gate while touring Historic Cairo and its monuments.

View over the Citadel of Qaitbay

Tour one of the most famous sights of Alexandria Fort of Qaitbay. Situated at the spot of the ancient Alexandria Lighthouse it is now dominating the area and presents one of the best preserved examples of the military architecture in Egypt. The fortress is located at the entrance of the eastern harbor on the eastern point of the Pharos Island.

One of Citadel's towers.

Founding on Muqattam Hills the Citadel unified the two capitals of Egypt into one large complex and started to serve both as a fortress and residence of rulers and their garrisons. Nowadays we find inside the Citadel 3 museums and two Royal palaces, beside some impressive mosques.