Guide to Egyptian cities: Sharm el Sheikh, Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor

Qait Bait fortress in Alexandria.

Alexandria city of Egypt will help you discover Roman and Greek monuments, Islamic culture of the city, famous sites including catacombs and Qait-Bay fort. You will discover more historical facts and vanished monuments on a tour around this beautiful and most European city of Egypt.

Coptic Museum.

Coptic Cairo is an area where on a small piece of land we find a huge concentration of christian monuments, including Jewish Synagogue of Ben Ezra, remains of the ancient fort known as Babylon, famous Hanging church and a unique Coptic Museum dedicated to this almost vanished culture.

Bab al-Futuh.

Islamic Cairo guide is an introduction to the famous street of Historic Cairo, knows as al-Muiz street. This pedestrian street is full of Islamic monuments of different eras; beautiful mosques, sabils & kuttabs, houses and khankas, plus two gates of Cairo Bab al-Futuh & Bab al-Naser.

Excursion around Aswan's islands.

Aswan is a winter resort full of ancient pharaonic monuments and ancient Egyptian sights such as Abu Simble temples, Isis temple on Philae island, Unfinished obelisk and numerous Pharaos tombs.High dam with its beautiful memorial and the hugest man-made Naser lake is also situated in Aswan.

At Abu Galum protectorate.

Sinai – meeting point of continents and dividing line between seas. To the casual eye Sinai is mountainous, arid and forbidding. The land is unsuitable for farming, and little rain falls. The peninsula is often described as “24,000 square miles of nothing ” but it is actually the gateway from Africa to Asia and the bridge between Mediterranean and the Red Sea – the direct route from Europe to the Indian ocean and the Far East.

Sharm el Sheikh hotel.

Sharm el Sheikh city guide will lead you through the most popular Red Sea attractions in the city, including its protectorates and marine park. Yoou will learn about the history of the city, its sightseeing and daily activities, as well as recreational opportunities it has to offer and night entertainments.

Luxor Winter Palace Hotel.

East bank of Luxor is famous for its huge Temples of Karnak and a beautiful Luxor temple. Its Sphinx avenue once again connects these two temples like in the past. Two informative museums of Luxor, one of which is dedicated to the process of Mummification are also situated here.

City of Hurghada, Red Sea

Guide to touristic destination Hurghada, its beaches, areas and places of interest.

Giza plateau, pyramid of Khefren.

Cairo guide to the ancient pharaonic monuments of the area will introduce you not only to the Pyramids of Giza but will also lead you through Saqqara & Memphis necropolises to Dashur and Meidum pyramids.

Entrance into the temple

Guided tour to Saqqara, its famous Step pyramid of King Djoser, Pyramid of Unas and other less known pyramids. Kings and Nobles Tombs of Saqqara necropolis plus its unique Serapeum tomb will reveal you its secrets.

Montaza palace

Guide to 19th centure Alexandria of Mohammed Ali; its beautiful and unique palaces and villas that still can be visited and explored.

Alabaster Sphinx

Your personal guide to the ancient Memphis city known as Mit Rahina will help you discover the area, its sites, and some rare monuments of the city.

Red Pyramid at Dahshur

Guide to Dahshur complex with its pyramids known as Red and Bent Pyramids, beautiful surroundings of the area and history of the necropolis.