Egypt History, culture and traditions

Nubian village.

History and culture of Egyptian Nubia: its great past and glorious achievements, lost historical and cultural heritage of Nubia, and present state of Nubian people in Egypt.

Abdel Fatah al-Sisi.

Egypt had quite few presidents. The 1st one announced in 1956 and the last one elected in 2014: from Gamal abdel Nasser to Hosniy Mubarak, Muslim brotherhood member Mohammed Morci and finally ex general al-Sisi.

Cairo Tower.

Modern history of Egypt starts with the rule of from Mohammed Ali dynasty through the British conquest of the country to the War with Israel for Sinai Peninsula.

Deir el Bahari Queen Hatshepsut temple.

Get more information on Ancient history of Egypt and kings of the 18th dynasty including Queen Hatshepsut, Amenophis and Ramses the 2nd, when they ruled, what they achieved and what temples built.

Unas Pyramid at Saqqara.

Ancient Egyptian Civilization was certainly one of the most long lived and durable in all world history, The Early Dynasty 3000-2705 B.C, The Old Kingdom 2705-2155 B.C, The Middle Kingdom 2134-1781 B.C and The New Kingdom 1550-1071 B.C.