Diving in Sharm el Sheikh

Yellow-spotted Burrfish

This is the most northerly of four mid-sea patch reefs named after British 19th century cartographers who first mapped the area. To the East of Jackson lies Tiran Island and Foul Bay, to the west the Sinai Peninsula.

Red Sea turtle.

Sharm el Sheikh beaches are ideal for shore diving due to its easy access, closeness to many famous reefs and coral structures as well as low currents and ideal visibility. Explore Ras Nasrani, Tower and Pinky's wall while holidaying in Egypt.

Diving the Red Sea.

Ras Umm Sid is located south of Na'ama Bay next to Temple dive site. EI Fanar lighthouse adorns the peak and allows access to the reef from shore - though this involves crossing the reef plate on foot. Know more about this unique diving sight.

Diving among coral reefs.

The Red Sea becomes another world after sunset when it's completely dark underwater and only a torch light your way. Do not miss out for these wonderful places Sharm el Sheikh has to offer to dive at night.

Acropora pharaonis coral.

If you are a beginner diver then Sharm el Sheikh is the best place to start your experience since it offers the best dive sites for those who are just in the beginning of discovering the beauty of the underwater world of the Red Sea.

Garden eel.

Here is the list of the major families of fishes found in the Red Sea with a short description. These fishes a diver is likely to encounter during his Red Sea underwater exploration.

Crocodile fish

Underwater world of the Red Sea is beautiful and diverse but many of its beautiful creatures are really dangerous, so watch out for potentially dangerous fishes with the help of our guide.


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